The Pittsburgh Steelers are about to break out their color rush jerseys for the first time Sunday night.  The Bengals will also be in theirs as well.  Both of these are among the sharpest in the entire league.  This got us thinking, what are the best NFL color rush uniforms?  So we came up with our top 10:

10. Tennessee Titans:

Many people have issues with the Titans uniforms, but not us.  Granted they are nowhere near as good as the Oilers uniforms of the past.  Theses color rush jerseys are deserving of a placement in our top 10 however.

9.  New York Giants:

Ordinarily we are not big fans of the all-white look.  These Giants jerseys really work in that style however.  Definitely worthy of being among the best in the league.

8.  New Orleans Saints:

The New Orleans Saints have a top five jersey anyway, so to leave them off our top ten NFL color rush list would be criminal.  Can’t help but wonder if an all gold look wouldn’t be better though.

7.  Dallas Cowboys:

Being a Steelers fan, we are automatically supposed to hate everything associated with the Dallas Cowboys right?  So we begrudgingly include them in this list.  Even we have to admit these uniforms are pretty good.

6.  Buffalo Bills:

These all-red color rush jerseys Buffalo has are really something.  There are a few teams that should make their color rush permanent, the Bills are one of them.

5.  Los Angeles Chargers:

We would say that any form of the Chargers uniform is elite.  Their everyday outfits are probably best in the league to begin with.  These are just another great version of what is the top uniforms in the league.

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4. Detroit Lions:

We’ve heard some complain about these Lions jerseys, but not us.  Gray is an underutilized color in the NFL.  These Lions getups are really, really good in our opinion.

3.  Cincinnati Bengals:

As with the Cowboys, we generally hate everything Bengals.  But it’s hard to argue how good these are.  One small detail, the orange helmets are a must.  Cincinnati will be wearing white helmets on Sunday.  Still good, but the orange is better.

2.  Denver Broncos:

Yet another example of a team who should adopt the color rush as their everyday kits.  Just the classic helmet alone is a huge upgrade.  Combine that dark blue with the orange, and that’s a huge improvement to what Denver wears now!

1.  Pittsburgh Steelers:

Call us biased if you want, there’s absolutely no doubt these are the best NFL color rush uniforms in the league hands down.  Pittsburgh crushed these with the all black look.

By the way, Pittsburgh could have two of the best if they ever chose to bring back the all-whites: