10. OAKLAND RAIDERS – Classic unis that just scream football.

9. PITTSBURGH STEELERS – It’s tough to improve on a classic uniform like the Steelers have, but the color rush version did just that. Pittsburgh should consider making these permanent.

8. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS – These throwbacks are unique and classic. Why the ever changed it is beyond comprehension.

7. SAN ANTONIO GUNSLINGERS – For those of us old enough to remember the USFL, these were among the best.

6. DENVER BRONCOS – The Broncos color rush version really popped. Bringing back the classic D, with the all orange really worked.

5. ATLANTA FALCONS – Atlanta’s original jerseys with the red helmets are far and away their best.

4. HOUSTON OILERS – These baby blue uniforms were nearly perfect in every way.

3. SAN DIEGO/LA CHARGERS – Another former AFL team sporting the baby blue unis. They come in just a notch above Houston.

2. BOSTON BREAKERS – One more USFL franchise with the most original logo I’ve ever seen.

1. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS – By far my favorite all time football uniform. This shade of blue is so much better then whatever the hell the current color is. Please Seattle come to your senses and go back to the originals!