The Pittsburgh Steelers are 2-5, tied for last place in the AFC North.  With a 1-5 record in the AFC overall, the chances of this team making the playoffs in 2022 are slim.  Pittsburgh’s brass should be taking a hard look at this roster to see who they can trade for assets to help the team going forward.  One such option would be trading Najee Harris.

Full disclosure, we don’t think there is any possibility this actually happens.  That does not mean it shouldn’t however.  Drafting a running back in the first round was a mistake to begin with.  Holding on to that pick too long so that his trade value continues to plummet is doubling down on that mistake.  The Steelers should use this opportunity to get back some draft capital before it’s too late.

The asking price has been set for premier running backs after the San Francisco 49ers gave up quite the haul for Christian McCaffery.  The Panthers got 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks in 2023, and a 5th in 2024.  Now we know Najee Harris does not have anywhere near the resume of a back like McCaffery.  He also does not have the lengthy injury history, or the very expensive contract.

What would Najee Harris’ trade value be?  As always, it’s all depends on the team.  The Jacksonville Jaguars got a potential 5th round pick for James Robinson yesterday.  Pittsburgh could certainly expect significantly more considering Robinson was a former undrafted free agent.  A possible second round pick, or multiple mid round picks is the likely price for Harris.

As for what teams might be interested, there are several contenders in the market for a back.  There have been rumors the Philadelphia Eagles are looking at that position.  Same goes for the Los Angeles Rams.  The Chiefs are currently starting 7th round pick Isaiah Pacheco at running back, they could use an upgrade.  The Buccaneers have the worst running attack in the league, you have to believe they’d be interested. Then there’s always a mystery team or two that pops up in these situations.  Finding a trade partner would not be an issue here.

This is a fun exercise, but in the end the Steelers aren’t trading Najee Harris.  They are much more likely to trade a player like Chase Claypool, if they make any moves at all. NFL trade deadline: Three players that could get traded if the Steelers season continues to falter

This is a golden opportunity for this team to recoup some assets from a failed first round pick however.  Not at least shopping Najee Harris is a mistake this team will regret in the future.

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