We finally have the Steelers 53 man roster after the final round of cuts on Tuesday.  https://www.steelers.com/news/steelers-makes-moves-to-get-to-53  Or do we?  Expect at least a few changes before this team takes the field on September 12th.  Here is our biggest takeaways from the initial roster cut down:

1. What exactly does Benny Snell give this team?

The Steelers decided to keep Benny Snell Jr. on the roster despite the apparent lack of need for his style of back as a backup.  It is abundantly clear that Najee Harris will get the majority of carries in 2021.  Anthony McFarland will serve the role as the change of pace style back.  Leaving just a short yardage/goal line role left to be filled.  With new comer Kaylen Ballage clearly superior in both those aspects, it remains curious why the team chose to stick with Snell.  We have theorized that Kevin Colbert may be shopping Snell around the league.  This is something to keep an eye on for the next ten days.

2. The Steelers HAVE to add bodies in the secondary:

This has be the worst secondary depth the Steelers have had in recent memory.  The backup safeties are a seventh round pick (Tre Norwood), and a career special teamer (Miles Killebrew).  If that’s not bad enough, this team currently has only four corners on the roster, and one of them is the struggling Justin Layne.  As we have maintained throughout the off-season in our roster predictions, the Steelers will add at least one more body to this secondary. Steelers 53 man roster prediction 3.0

3. Stephon Tuitt is destined for the IR:

The Steelers keeping eight defensive lineman tells you all you need to know here.  Stephon Tuitt has not practiced all preseason, and only recently have we learned of some undisclosed injury.  It seems now a forgone conclusion this team will be without his services for at least the first half of the season.

4. And maybe Marcus Allen too:

The Steelers never keep six inside linebackers on their roster.  This has to mean either they are planning on trading one, or somebody is likely to go on IR.  Marcus Allen was injured in the final preseason game against the Panthers Friday night.  It’s a good bet he will be joining Tuitt on the IR in the coming days.

5. Eight is not enough:

This team currently only has eight offensive lineman on the 53 man roster.  Keeping that few would be very unlike this team.  Pittsburgh usually keeps nine, and even as many as ten offensive lineman on during the season.  Given that two of the eight are rookies, we just can’t imagine a scenario where they stick with so few lineman.