It’s no secret the Pittsburgh Steelers could use some veteran help in their secondary.  Corner, and safety depth are among the main concerns for this roster.  Top five concerns for the Steelers heading into the 2021 season  

It just so happens that their are rumors the Broncos are considering a Bryce Callahan trade as rosters continue to trimmed down.  This could be the perfect opportunity for Kevin Colbert to once again work his magic to improve the roster.

Why Denver would do it:

The Denver Broncos are absolutely loaded at the corner back position.  They signed both Kyle Fuller, and Ronald Darby as free agents this off-season.  But the Broncos weren’t finished strengthening themselves at corner yet.  They then used the ninth pick overall in the 2021 draft on Patrick Surtain II.  Three starting caliber corners acquired this past off-season means Bryce Callahan is at the very least available.

As far as the salary cap is concerned, Denver would only have $1.75 of his $7.75 salary as dead money.  Callahan’s contract is easily tradable from the Broncos standpoint.

Why Pittsburgh would do it:

Acquiring Bryce Callahan would be a no-brainer from the Steelers perspective depending on compensation.  Callahan has been a slot corner most of his career, and a very good one at that.  Having him on the team would allow Pittsburgh to leave Cam Sutton on the outside full time.  This is a much better idea than jerking him back and forth from slot to outside as is currently the plan.  Callahan is also capable of playing outside if Mike Tomlin prefers Sutton in the slot instead.

The six million dollar cap hit that comes along with this trade would be no problem for the Steelers to fit under their cap.  Not only that, but the team could also extend the deal with false years to lower the cap hit even further.  The Steelers have done this several times already this off- season.

What would it take:

We are most likely looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of a fifth round pick to acquire Bryce Callahan. Slot corners generally are considered less valuable than outside corners by NFL general managers. Throw in he is almost 30, and in the last year of his deal as well. Problem is the Steelers have very little late round draft capital in 2022. They have already traded away their 4th, 5th, and 6th round picks in previous deals.

There’s no question if Callahan becomes available Kevin Colbert can figure out some type of compensation that the Broncos would accept. Possibly a player like Benny Snell and a later pick perhaps.

Expect the Steelers to be paying close attention to the Bryce Callahan situation in Denver. If he were indeed made available, there is a very good chance he will be in Pittsburgh come early September.