The Pittsburgh Steelers franchise has had little change to their uniforms since the early 70s.  You have to dig deep in history to find the best Steelers throwback uniforms.  In this post we rank them from worst to best.  Let us know your favorite in the comments section.

5.  1933:

Pittsburgh brought these back for the NFL 75th anniversary season in 1994.  They would have been much better served leaving these in mothballs.  There is way too much going on with these throwbacks.  Not this franchise’s best effort.

4.  1960:

Overall a pretty good look for the Steelers here.  The only drawback is the far too bright yellow helmet.  Pittsburgh fixed this flaw and came up with their “blackout” jerseys, which are our all-time favorites. Every NFL team’s best uniform

3.  1975:

The biggest knock for this throwback is that it is far too similar to the current jerseys.  Aside from block lettering, and the grey face mask they are nearly identical to the current versions.  Still, the nostalgia brought on by these uniforms is undeniable.  They bring back memories of the glory years for those of us old enough to have been around in the 70s. That alone is worth it.

2. 1934:

The “bumble bee” uniforms are anything but dull.  They aren’t for everyone, as they have shown up on more than a few ugliest uniform lists.

We couldn’t disagree more, and would love to see these once a year as the team’s alternate jersey.

1.  1967:

This is the one most Steelers fans have been clamoring for as an alternate uniform for some time now.  These beauties would be an excellent choice with a little modern upgrading.  There were some heavy rumors Pittsburgh might go with these in 2019.  Unfortunately they decided to go with the 70s throwbacks instead.  Hopefully Mr. Rooney will at some point finally bring back the “Batman” jerseys of the 60s.  They are by far the best Steelers throwbacks of all time.