Every NFL team has several versions of uniforms that they have worn over the years. From the current, to color rush, to all eras of throwbacks there are many versions to choose from. Let’s pick out the best of the bunch for each franchise:

Arizona Cardinals – Current:

There has been very little change to the Cardinals uniforms over the years, and with good reason. The “cardinal” logo is one of the best in the league. It’s simple, clean, and effective.

Atlanta Falcons – Throwback:

This version of the Falcons throwbacks with the red helmets and black jerseys are one of the all-time best. Black and red is an elite color scheme, and that falcon logo is terrific.

Baltimore Ravens – Current:

Purple is a great and unique color for a football jersey. Not overly crazy about the weak raven on the helmet, but the throwback logo was much worse.

Buffalo Bills – Throwback:

The simple buffalo logo and lighter blue color is better than the current digs Buffalo now sports. It is splitting hairs however being that both are very good.

Carolina Panthers – Current:

The Panthers sport many variations of their main color schemes, but this all black with the light blue trim is the best.

Chicago Bears – Current:

I was tempted to use the orange color rush version just to give this boring uniform some pizazz. In the end, I stuck with their iconic long-time jerseys.

Cincinnati Bengals – Color rush:

The all white jerseys of the color-rush really makes the Bengals helmet pop. It also simplifies the very busy current ones. The Bengals tiger stripe helmet is elite.

Cleveland Browns – Current:

Admittedly, brown and orange are a pretty tough color combination to make look decent. Give us something on the helmet though Cleveland.

Dallas Cowboys – Current:

Dallas has one of the most iconic uniforms in the NFL. No need to mess around with color rush or throwback here.

Denver Broncos – Color rush:

The Broncos nailed these color rush uniforms. Make them permanent immediately Denver!

Detroit Lions – Color Rush:

The Lions all grey color rush uniforms give them a unique look. It actually makes the blue pop even more. We need to see more of this style.

Green Bay Packers – Current:

Not a fan of these uniforms. Green and yellow is not a good color combo. Having said that….. please……..whatever you do…………never again trot out those hideous throwback uniforms again………EVER!

Houston Texans – Current:

Not much to choose from with this relatively new franchise. Doesn’t matter though because the Texans did a great job with their uniforms.

Indianapolis Colts – Current:

It may be a bit boring, but the Colts are another one of those iconic uniforms that should not be messed with.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Current:

The Jags have done a lot to ruin a pretty dam good uniform. Those two-toned helmets were an abomination. And their color rush jerseys……whew. Stick with theses gems and don’t screw with them ever again.

Kansas City Chiefs – Current:

The Chiefs have never strayed even a little from their classic original jerseys. They are a little on the boring side, but overall pretty good.

Los Angles Chargers – Throwback/Current:

The Chargers have announced that their powder blue throwbacks will now be their permanent jerseys for 2019. This is head and shoulders the best jersey in the NFL and should never have been changed in the first place.

Los Angeles Rams – Current

The current Rams jersey is kind of a blend of all their variations over the years, and they finally got it right. The white horns on the helmet, and the muted yellow makes these uniforms sharp.

Miami Dolphins – Throwback (Orange):

Any version of the Dolphins throwbacks are better than the current jerseys. The orange tops with the old logo however is by far the best.

Minnesota Vikings – Current

With only some slight modifications to their classic jerseys, the Vikings continue to have top tier uniforms.

New England Patriots – Throwback:

This one is not even close. The “Pat Patriot” logo is so far better than the “flying Elvis” its a crime it was changed in the first place!

New Orleans Saints – Current

The New Orleans Saints jerseys are elite……enough said.

New York Giants – Color Rush:

There’s just something about white uniforms with a solid color helmet. It even makes a boring jerseys like the Giants look good.

New York Jets – New:

The new darker green is a real upgrade. The Jets still need to work on the helmet logo though. They still insist on writing their name out instead of any number of actual jet logos they could use.

Oakland Raiders – Current:

The Raiders kits were top notch right from the start. The old AFL had some of the best jerseys of all time when you look back.

Philadelphia Eagles – Current:

I here a lot of talk about the 80’s kelly green jerseys being better than the current ones. That’s nonsense. Dark green is an elite color for a football jersey. We can all agree the old time throwbacks are right up there with the Packers as one of the worst ever.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Color Rush:

The Steelers color rush jerseys are amazing. Most Steeler fans are waiting for the team to do a modern touch up to the old “Batman” jerseys of the 60’s as their next throwbacks. If you haven’t seen those look them up. Those could surpass the color rush as the Steelers best.

San Francisco 49ers – Current:

Yawn. San Francisco has the same problem as the Bears, Packers, Browns, and Giants. Too iconic to change, but ultimately very boring.

Seattle Seahawks – Throwbacks:

The logo on the Seahawks helmet is among the best in football. The new color scheme is horrendous however. Bring back these classic Seattle, right the wrong!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Throwback:

The Bucs took what Seattle did, and went one horrible step further. They changed the colors, AND the logo in one disastrous swoop. Bring back Bucco Bruce!

Tennessee Titans – Throwback:

There is no bigger crime in the history of football uniforms than losing the Houston Oilers. Who cares if there’s no oil wells in Tennessee, these need to come back asap!

Washington Redskins – Throwback:

If we are being honest with ourselves, its time for the Redskins logo to go. They have more than one throwback option to choose from. It’s time Washington.