There isn’t much debate over who the best coach in the NFL is in 2019. Bill Belichick is the clear winner of this title any year he stands on the sidelines. Where it becomes interesting is where the rest of the coaches land on the list. Let’s take a look at the Steelers Sanctuary’s list of the top ten coaches in the NFL:

10. Sean McDermott – Buffalo Bills

McDermott is a former defensive coordinator turned head coach for the Buffalo Bills. It shows in his teams which have been tough, and very good on defense so far in his career. The Bills are on their way to a second playoff appearance in three years under McDermott. This is a coach that is certainly on the rise in the NFL.

9. Doug Pederson – Philadelphia Eagles

We have our first Super Bowl trophy winner here. There’s no denying Pederson has a very good offensive mind. What we have to wonder is whether or not his Super Bowl run in 2017 might have been an aberration. The Eagles very possibly could be on their way to a second losing season in four years under Pederson. Throw in one other year at 9-7, and its not an overwhelmingly impressive record after four years with Philadelphia.

8. Sean Mcvay – Los Angeles Rams

With a 32-13 overall record, and a Super Bowl appearance in just his second season, Sean Mcvay is one of the premier young coaches in the league. The Rams have struggled in his third season, but do seem to be turning things around in time for a playoff push. There’s no reason to think Sean McVay won’t end up near the top of this list in the future.

7. Andy Reid – Kansas City Chiefs

Very few in the NFL can match the resume Andy Reid has put up in his career. He has on overall record of 204-128-1 between the Eagles and Chiefs. A losing overall record in the post season, and no Super Bowl trophies are the only things holding him back from being in the top three.

6. Kyle Shanahan – San Francisco 49ers

Here is my vote for the person that will eventually replace Bill Belichick as the number one head coach in the NFL. Shanahan’s offense is just on another level from anything else you see on Sundays. Before we heap too much praise on this young coach, we will need to see how his team performs in the post season. Shanahan is about to get his first shot in 2019, should be very interesting.

5. John HarbaughBaltimore Ravens

We have now reached the top five which means we are in the elite range of head coaches. John Harbaugh has totally reinvented his team in 2019 to suit the talents of Lamar Jackson, and the results are stunning. The Ravens are currently the number one seed in the AFC, and look like the best team in the league. Harbaugh already had an impeccable resume going into this season. At 115-74 all-time with the Ravens, and with a Super Bowl under his belt, Harbaugh has more than earned him a spot in the top five.

4. Sean Payton – New Orleans Saints

Sean Payton is one of the premier offensive gurus in the game. Payton’s offenses scored more points (2,804), and gained more yards (40,185) in their first hundred games than any other team ever. His overall record of 136-82 and a Super Bowl win put him in the upper echelon of head coaches in the NFL.

3. Mike Tomlin – Pittsburgh Steelers

Mike Tomlin has done some unprecedented things as head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. After thirteen seasons, he is yet to have a losing record. Even the great Bill Belichick can’t say that. His 132 regular season wins are tied with Pete Carroll for third best among active coaches. Tomlin has two Super Bowl appearances and one championship to go along with all his regular season success. With all this in mind, 2019 may be his finest performance to date. All the injuries this season would have crippled most teams, but the Steelers are in the drivers seat for a wild card spot. It has been a remarkable coaching job by Tomlin so far this season.

2. Pete Carroll – Seattle Seahawks

All Pete Caroll does is win wherever he goes. Whether its winning national titles at USC, or winning Super Bowls in Seattle. He has a 132-88-1 record with three teams in the NFL, and an 83-19 record at USC. Carroll is 10-8 in the post season with the Seahawks, with two trips to the Super Bowl. At 68, he is showing no signs of slowing either. He has the Seahawks at 10-3, and very much in the hunt for another trip to the Super Bowl.

1. Bill Belichick – New England Patriots

Not much needs to be said here. The six Super Bowl Championships is really all you need to see when it comes to this debate. Belichick owns pretty much ever active coaching record there is. In fact forget active coaches, Bill Belichick may be the greatest of all time.