It’s time someone took all Antonio Brown’s social media accounts away form him. Not long after sending out an apologetic tweets to all the NFL teams he has offended, AB is at it again. In a matter of an hour he called his former quarterback Ben Roethlisberger a loser, and accused the NFL of being racist. This all from a man seemingly desperate to get back in the league. One minute he heaps praise over the New England Patriots organization, the next he is reposting a fan that trashes Robert Kraft. This kind of behavior is unfortunately par for the course for Antonio Brown over the last two years.

Not long ago Antonio Brown was considered the model NFL citizen. Often praised for his extreme work ethic that had made him the best receiver in the NFL. Then, as if overnight, everything changed. It started with the Facebook live incident. It got worse when it was reported AB had threatened two separate members of the media for writing things he deemed negative. After that it was a waterfall of furniture throwing, skipped practices, and sideline tirades that led to his eventual trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Antonio Brown got to Oakland and all seemed well. He shaved the blond mustache and cut the multi-colored hair. Everything appeared rosy with his new situation in Oakland. Nothing could be further from the truth. It didn’t take long for things to start going south in Oakland. It started with burning his feet in a cryogenic chamber, and then continued with the endless fight over his helmet with the NFL. The Raiders frustration boiled over after Brown called general manager Mike Mayock a cracker during an argument in the locker room. Oakland had finally had enough and released Brown on September 7th.

All these antics seemed like a calculated effort for Brown to get to the team he ultimately wanted to go to in the New England Patriots. This was backed by the video of Brown’s staged celebration when he learned of his release form Oakland. We were all duped into believing everything that had happened was a grand plan. Brown wanted us to believe he was some type of evil genius that had plotted his way out of Pittsburgh and Oakland.

It all seemed great in New England at first. Antonio Brown had finally gotten what he wanted. He got his money, and got to hand pick his own team. Then came the sexual harassment charge and the Patriots ultimatum to steer clear of any contact with the accuser. Even with everything on the line, his NFL career hanging in the balance, Antonio Brown could not help himself. He never believed that the New England Patriots would ever part with him. He was wrong. Brown threatened his accuser online for the whole world to see, and the Patriots promptly released him. Three months later the most talented wide receiver in the league is unemployed.

There are many who believe Antonio Brown will never play a down in the NFL again. Despite being in the prime of his career, Brown is considered untouchable by most franchises. Even the ones that might be willing to take a shot with him get scared off with the constant social media out bursts. The fact of the matter is Antonio Brown will never shut up long enough to clear the air on his reputation. He is the poster boy for being ones own worst enemy. AB can point fingers, pull the race card, or play the victim all he wants. The only person keeping Antonio Brown out of football is Antonio Brown. It’s a sad ending for a player who undoubtedly was headed toward being the greatest wide receiver of all time.