The NFL has announced that Sunday’s playoff matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Kansas City Chiefs has been pushed back to 8:20 P.M.  On the surface, you wouldn’t think this would matter much to either team just by playing just 7 hours later.  Looking deeper though, it does have some advantages in the Steelers favor.  Not playing the game during inclement weather definitely helps Pittsburgh’s passing attack.  They are much more likely to throw the ball deep down field then are the ChiefsAlex Smith is a dink and dunk quarterback who throws more to backs and tight ends, then his wide receivers down field.  Yet another advantage of not playing during an ice storm is the potential for turnovers.  Kansas City lead the league in causing turnovers, and this would have been perfect scenario for that.  With conditions expected to be considerably better by game time, the fear of fumbling a wet football or a receiver slipping leading to an interception has diminished somewhat.  Lastly, the Steelers have a 14-8 record on Sunday night games under coach Mike TomlinPittsburgh has seemed to thrive during prime time games, as they’ve  gone 10-2 on Monday nights as well.  In the end the change in start time won’t be a huge factor, but it will benefit the Steelers more playing in better conditions.  Just one more reason to believe Pittsburgh will come out on top.