During a post game speech by head coach Mike Tomlin, star receiver Antonio Brown decided it was a good idea to stream live on Facebook.  AB never seems to miss an opportunity to promote himself in one fashion or another.   What does it say about the Pro-Bowl  receiver, that while his team mates are all together listening to Tomlin speak, he’s off on his own mugging for the camera?  Not to mention the example he’s setting for Eli Rogers and Sammie Coates, the only two other players who seem not to be with the team.   Antonio Brown really has become the definition of a “diva-receiver”.  When is it time to question his true priorities?  Is winning a Super Bowl tops on his list, or is it getting his brand out there number one to him?  This isn’t the first time he has been a distraction this season.  Earlier in the year, his insistence on doing the end zone celebrations cost the team several penalties.  His “look at me” attitude is getting old with me, and one has to wonder if it’s getting old with coaches and teammates.  Ironically Brown’s video capture several players saying ” let’s keep a lid on the social media stuff this week”.  Is it possible that those comments were made with a particular wide receiver in the back of their minds?   The video also caught Tomlin complaining about the advantage New England had with the extra day and a half they had to prepare for next week.  You can bet that’s not something he wanted out for public consumption.  The video is a bad idea all the way around, and by itself it can be chalked up to just a momentary lapse in judgment by Brown.  That is if we didn’t know what we already know about him.  He’s just another selfish, but talented,  receiver in the Randy Moss, Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens mold.  It’s going to be up to Mike Tomlin to manage this in the way that keeps getting the best out of him, without letting it become a big distraction.  That will be no easy task going forward for the Steelers head coach.