The amount of trade rumors for the Steelers heading into the 2023 NFL draft has reached an all-time level.  We have a new regime, and extra draft picks driving these rumors.  With this in mind, we decided to try an exercise in our Steelers mock draft 5.0 where we have a couple of trades mixed in.  This one is going to be fun, let’s get started:


Steelers give up picks 17, and 80 to the New England Patriots, get back pick 15.

Steelers give up pick 32, get picks 53 and 61 from the Chicago Bears


Round one (14): Broderick Jones OT – Georgia

H/W: 6’5”, 311 lbs

Arms: 34 3/4”

40: 4.97

Broad/Vert: 30”/108”

RAS: 9.58

It seems we’ve come full circle through the draft process.  We had Broderick Jones going to the Steelers in our mock draft 1.0: Steelers mock draft 1.0: The way, way too early version

Pick 14 is significant because if Pittsburgh wants one of the top two tackles in this draft, they will have to get ahead of the New York Jets at 15.  As far as compensation goes this pretty much equals out to what the NFL trade chart would suggest.  In terms of the player, Broderick Jones is a high end left tackle prospect with room to grow.  With the amount of personnel this team sent to the Georgia pro-day, we can easily see interest in this player.

Round two (49): Darnell Washington TE – Georgia

H/W: 6’6”, 264lbs

Arms: 35”

40: 4.64

Broad/Vert: 31”/122”

RAS: 9.88

You may have missed this little nugget at the pre-draft press conference.  When a reporter asked Omar Khan which position groups were the deepest, he rattled off the usuals like corner, edge, interior defensive line.  Unprompted, Mike Tomlin chimed in with tight end quite emphatically.  Combine that with the fact that Darnell Washington was in for a pre-draft visit, and there’s something to this.

Darnell Washington the player could not be anymore of a perfect fit for the Steelers run heavy offense.  He is the premier blocking tight end in this entire draft.  That’s not all.  Washington is a giant target in the passing game as well.  This is a player who could jump into the starting lineup, and instantly improve this offense.  We go into more detail in our latest Steelers Sanctuary Podcast:

Round 2 (53): Tyrique Stevenson CB – Miami

H/W: 6’0”, 198lbs

Arms: 32 3/8”

40: 4.45

Broad/Vert: 38”/125”

RAS: 8.93

We couldn’t go any longer in our Steelers mock draft 5.0 without selecting a corner.  At this point in the draft it’s a toss up between Stevenson, and Julis Brents.  Both players were in for pre-draft visits, but we chose Stevenson because of his significant edge in speed.

Round 2 (61): Byron Young EDGE – Tennessee

H/W: 6’2 1/4”, 250lbs

Arms: 32 1/2”

40: 4.43

Broad/Vert: 38”/132”


This may seem a little early for Young, but some have him pretty high on their draft boards.  With no third round pick due to the New England trade, it’s now or never for a quality edge.  Byron Young is similar in build to Alex Highsmith, but a far better athlete.  Pittsburgh fills a giant hole in the roster by getting that third edge they desperately need.

Round 4 (120): Luke Wypler C – Ohio St.

H/W: 6’3”, 303lbs

Arms: 32”

40: 5.14

Broad/Vert: 30 1/2”/ 106”

RAS: 9.31

Lots of smoke that the Steelers are looking to add a center in this draft.  Wypler had a pro-day dinner with the Steelers making him a good candidate to be drafted at 120.

Round 7 (241): Daniel Scott S – California

H/W: 6’1”, 208lbs

40: 4.45

Broad/Vert: 39 1/2”, 128”

RAS: 9.93

Really good athlete who gives the Steelers depth at safety.  He has also been in for a pre-draft visit

Round 7 (251) Stetson Bennett QB – Georgia

H/W: 5’11”. 192lbs

40: 4.67

Broad/Vert: 33 1/2”, 91”

RAS: 8.29

The Steelers have shown quite a bit of interest in late round quarterbacks during the draft process.  Why not take the two time defending champion Stetson Bennett if that’s the case?  He’s had a bit of a rough off-season in terms of character.  He is a proven winner however, and worth a late round flyer.