There are a lot of players we would hate to see the Kevin Colbert take in tonight’s first round.  Whether it’s because of injuries, character issues, or a reach, there are a handful of players we hope the team avoids.  Here is our top five of the worst possible Steelers choices they could make at pick 24:

1.  Any Running Back:

If the Steelers were on the cusp of winning a Super Bowl, and were just a running back away then sure.  But this team is not that.  They have just too many more pressing needs to waste a prime pick on a running back.  We much prefer they focus on the offensive line, then worry about back later in the draft.

2.  Landon Dickerson – C – Alabama

Don’t get me wrong I love what Landon Dickerson can do when he’s healthy.  But there in lies the problem, he’s never healthy.  Dickerson has had four straight years of being unable to finish the season due to a lower body injury.  At one point we mocked him to the Steelers in the second round. Steelers Mock Draft 2.0: The running game edition  After having thought it over though, even the second round is too risky.

3.  Pat Freiermuth – TE – Penn St.:

Pat Freiermuth is just not a first round talent.  Just because he’s the second best tight end in a weak class does not make him a top thirty two player.  The Steelers have been known to reach in the first round in the past. See Artie Burns and Terrell Edmunds.

4.  Zaven Collins – LB – Tulsa

There has been lots of chatter on how great it would be to pair Collins up with Devin Bush.  That sounds good in theory, but with so many teams using multiple wide receiver sets how often would this actually happen?  Inside linebacker is not anywhere near a position of need for this team.  The Steelers can not afford the luxury of another linebacker so early in the draft.  We’ll take a hard pass on Zaven Collins, despite how much we like the player.

5.  Jalen Mayfield – OT – Michigan:

Mayfield really tested poorly at his pro-day.

His athletic numbers were really bad, and his arm length is to the point where we have a hard time seeing him being an effective tackle at the next level.  This would be an unforgivable reach in such a deep tackle class.  Mayfield would definitely be among the worst possible Steelers choices in the first round in our opinion.