We are finally here.  The NFL draft is just a day away, and its time for our Steelers mock draft 4.0.  This will be our last mock before the draft on Thursday night.  We are doing our first no trade draft as it seems less and less likely the Steelers will make a move in the first round.  Let’s get right to it:

Round 1 (24) Eric Stokes – CB – Georgia:

The Numbers:

Height: 6’0” (66th percentile)

Weight: 194 lbs (59th)

Arm: 32 3/4” (89th)

Vert: 39” (80th)

Broad: 128” (84th)

40: 4.34s (95th)

The Skinny:

We haven’t wavered from this pick in over a month now. Steelers Mock Draft 3.0: The Post Pro-Day Edition Corner will easily represent the best value around the time the Steelers select at 24.  And when it comes to corner, Stokes is literally a the perfect specimen to be a Pittsburgh Steeler.  He is long, athletic, and possesses blazing speed.  All that plus decent size, and the tackling ability necessary to play in the 3/4 scheme.

It seems someone else has caught on to our choice as well.  NFL Network’s Peter Schrager had Stokes also going to the Steelers in his latest mock.  Schrager is one of the more wired in members of the NFL media.  He would have had to hear something to pick a corner when the rest of the draft world isn’t.  This makes us even more confident Eric Stokes will be a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers by the end of Thursday night. https://www.nfl.com/news/peter-schrager-2021-nfl-mock-draft-2-0-cardinals-patriots-trade-up-for-alabama-r

Round 2 (55) Quinn Meinerz – C – Wisconsin WW

The Numbers:

Height: 6’2 7/8” (23rd Percentile)

Weight: 320 lbs (95th)

Arm: 33 3/8” (78th)

40: 4.99s (90th)

Vert: 32” (85th)

Broad: 111” (93rd)

3 cone: 7.54s (77th)

The Skinny:

We kicked around the idea of Landon Dickerson here, but the injury history is just too scary.  The Steelers showed significant interest in Quinn Meinerz.  Offensive line coach Adrain Klemm was at his pro-day putting Meinerz through his drills.  This is a plus athlete from a very small school.  He probably wouldn’t even be in the conversation had he not dominated at the Senior Bowl.

Round 3 (87) Elerson Smith – EDGE – UNI

The Numbers:

Height: 6’6” (95th Percentile)

Weight: 252 lbs (14th)

Arm: 33 1/4” (38th)

40: 4.78s (64th)

Vert: 41 1/2” (98th)

Broad: 127” (94th)

Bench: 26 reps (72nd)

3 cone: 7.11s (69th)

The Skinny;

Pittsburgh needs depth at outside linebacker in the worst way.  Elerson Smith is a long, athletic edge rusher who would be perfect as depth for this position.  Smith did not play in 2020, but had 14 sacks, 21.5 tackles for loss, 5 forced fumbles, and 4 pass deflections in 2019.  He could be the ultimate sleeper at the edge position in this draft.  The Steelers did have a formal meeting with Smith during the pre-draft process.

Round 4 (128) Anthony Schwartz – WR – Auburn

The Numbers:

Height: 6’0” (31st Percentile)

Weight: 186 lbs (15th)

40: 4.27s (98th)

Vert: 32” (12th)

Broad: 123” (66th)

The Skinny:

Colbert, Tomlin, and wide receivers coach Ike Hilliard were all on hand at the Auburn pro-day.  Considering Anthony Schwartz is the only draftable prospect of note before the fifth round, we are going to go ahead and assume the Steelers have a major interest here.

Round 4 (140)  Nick Eubanks – TE – Michigan:

The Numbers:

Height: 6’4” (53rd Percentile)

Weight: 245 lbs (17th)

Arm: 33 1/4” (57th)

40: 4.69s (72nd)

Vert: 34” (63rd)

Broad: 120” (79th)

Bench: 19 reps (41st)

The Skinny:

It is really tough to gage pass catchers from Michigan given the dumpster fire their quarterback position has been lately.  Eubanks is a decent athlete who could eventually replace Eric Ebron as the team’s move tight end.

Round 6 (216)  Dan Moore – OT- Texas A+M

The Numbers:

Height: 6’5” (46th Percentile)

Weight: 311 lbs (42nd)

Arm: 34 1/2” (67th)

40: 5.21s (63rd)

Vert: 20 1/2” (78th)

Broad: 110” (85th)

3 cone: 7.56s (77th)

Bench: 28 reps (77th)

The Skinny:

Dan Moore is an above average athlete at tackle.  He would fit well as a developmental tackle for this team.  Pittsburgh sent assistant line coach Chris Morgan to the Texas A+M pro-day, as well as having an official interview with Moore.

Round 7 (245) Chris Evans – RB – Michigan:

The Numbers:

Height: 5’11” (57th Percentile)

Weight: 211 lbs (41st)

40: 4.52s (61st)

Vert: 40 1/2” (95th)

Broad: 127” (92nd)

Bench: 20 reps (57th)

The Skinny:

I know, I know, you’ve been wondering where is the running back in this mock??  Well here it is in the seventh round.  Chris Evans is a deep sleeper with incredible upside.  Steelers sleeper pick in every round to keep an eye on

Evans has some red flags having been suspended for the entire 2019 season.  This is why he is often overlooked in this running back class.  He has the size the Steelers love for the position, and tested extremely well at his pro-day.

Round 7 (253) Marco Wilson – CB – Florida:

The Numbers:

Height: 5’11 5/8” (58th percentile)

Weight: 191 lbs (42nd)

Arm: 30 3/4” (26th)

40: 4.35s (92nd)

Vert: 43 1/2” (98th)

Broad: 136” (98th)

Bench: 26 reps (99th)

The Skinny:

We have the Steelers taking a swing at a corner with incredible athletic traits here with their last pick in the draft.  Marco Wilson tested off the charts at his pro-day.  Given his size, and strength it’s possible Wilson could be moved to safety at some point.  Either way you don’t see many players with this kind of testing this deep into the draft.