The Pro-Day circuit has come to an end, and that means its time for our Steelers mock draft 3.0.  We now have good information on the testing numbers for most prospects, as well as where Colbert and Tomlin have visited.

We have maintained all long that the Steelers should trade down in this draft.  Once again we have factored that possibility in for our latest mock.  In this mock we have traded down to 32 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in exchange for their third round pick (95 0verall):

Round 1 (32) – Eric Stokes CB Georgia:

The Numbers:

Height: 6’0 (66th percentile)

Weight: 194 lbs (59th)

Arm: 32 3/4 (89th)

Vert: 39’ (80th)

Broad: 128” (84th)

40: 4.34 (95th)

The Skinny:

Eric Stokes is everything the Pittsburgh Steelers look for in a corner.  Tall, long arms, and ridiculous athleticism are all traits this team covets at that position.  We all know both Colbert and Tomlin were at the Georgia pro-day, which seems to be a must for any Steelers first round pick.  The team also brought defensive backs coach Grady Brown along as well.  Piece all these clues together and we just might have our first round pick here in Eric Stokes.

Round 2 (55) – Landon Dickerson C Alabama:

The Numbers:

Dickerson did not participate in the Alabama pro-day due to injury.

The Skinny:

This is a bit of a risky proposition for the Steelers, with the potential of some huge upside.  Landon Dickerson is unquestionably the best center in this draft with one notable caveat.  This is a player who has had all four of his college seasons cut short due to injury.  His latest being an ACL injury during the SEC title game last December.  If the medical clears with this player, this would be quite a steal at 55.  Going by this video circulating from the Alabama pro-day, I’d say Dickerson’s recovery is going extremely well:

Round 3 (87) – Spencer Brown OT Northern Iowa:

The Numbers:

Height: 6’8” (98th Percentile)

Weight: 311 (47th)

Vert: 31 (75th)

Broad: 117 (98th)

Bench: 29 reps (98th)

40: 4.88 (97th)

The Skinny:

This is a tackle who drew lots of interest from the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Both scouting director Phil Kreidler and offensive line coach Adrian Klemm were on hand to watch Brown put on a show.  He tested at a perfect ten in the RAS athletic score at offensive tackle.

We have to believe this team will add a tackle somewhere in this draft.  This is the perfect spot in our Steelers mock draft 3.0 to add a talented prospect at that position.

Round 3 (95) Tommy Tremble TE Notre Dame:

The Numbers:

Height: 6’3” (28th Percentile)

Weight: 241 (12th)

Arm: 31 7/8 (14th)

Vert: 37 (85th)

Broad: 122 (87th)

40: 4.6 (86th)

The Skinny:

The Steelers were all over the Notre Dame pro-day this year.  There were plenty of notable prospects including tight end Tommy Tremble.  This is a plus athlete with a bit of a mean streak.  Think Eric Ebron, only with the ability to actually make a block.

Round 4 (128) – Milton Williams DT Louisiana Tech:

The Numbers:

Height: 6’3” (50th Percentile)

Weight: 284 (17th)

Arm: 31 1/2 (5th)

Vert: 39 (99th)

Broad: 121 (97th)

Bench: 34 (91st)

40: 4.62 (99th)

3-cone: 6.87 (100th)

The Skinny:

We started hearing rumors of a little known defensive tackle out of Louisiana Tech who might test off the charts at his pro-day. Well, Milton Williams did not disappoint.  These athletic numbers are done right freaky.  He is a little on the small side for what the Steelers look for in a defensive tackle, nut the athleticism screams Pittsburgh Steeler.  Defensive line coach Karl Dunbar was on hand at the Louisiana Tech pro-day.

Round 4 (140) – Elijah Mitchell RB Louisiana:

The Numbers:

Height: 5’10” (41st Percentile)

Weight: 201 (20th)

Vert: 38 (81st)

Broad: 128 (93rd)

Bench: 17 (31st)

40: 4.38 (96th)

The Skinny:

We are not totally convinced the Steelers are ready to use a high draft choice at running back.  They will be rewarded by waiting until the fourth round to get a back like Elijah Mitchell.  Watch this guy for a minute and you see the exciting ability.

Round 6 (216) – Patrick Johnson EDGE Tulane:

The Numbers:

Height: 6’6” (96th Percentile)

Weight: 240 (9th)

Arm: 32 (12th)

Vert: 35 (72nd)

Broad: 119 (67th)

40: 4.59 (89th)

3 cone: 6.97 (85th)

The Skinny:

Pittsburgh gets some edge depth here with Patrick Johnson.  This is a pretty good athlete with 21 career sacks and 45 TFLs at the University of Tulane.

Round 7 (245) – Jalen Camp WR Georgia Tech:

The Numbers:

Height: 6’2” (71st Percentile)

Weight: 226 (95th)

Vert: 40 (90th)

Broad: 127 (76th)

Bench: 30 (100th)

40: 4.43 (74th)

The Skinny:

We take a flyer on a physically gifted wide receiver from a school that isn’t known for its passing game.  Jalen Camp had a fantastic pro-day including blowing away the record for bench press by a receiver with 30.  The previous high was 27.

Round 7 (253) – Shawn Davis S Florida:

The Numbers:

Height: 5’10” 1/2

Weight: 202

Arm: 31 7/8

Vert: 39.5

Broad: 128

Bench: 17

The Skinny:

We are sticking with Shawn Davis with the Steelers last selection as we did in our last mock draft. Steelers Mock Draft 2.0: The running game edition

Davis is a special teams demon which is exactly what you look for this deep into the draft.