Week seven is officially in the books, and we have a new number one team.   In a battle of undefeated teams the Pittsburgh Steelers held on to beat the Tennessee Titans 27-24.   That sets up another top five battle in week 8 as the Steelers will visit the Baltimore Ravens.  Here’s how the rest of our NFL power rankings after week 7 shake out:

The Elite:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-0): ⬆️

It got a little dicey in the end, but the Steelers managed to hang on to beat the Titans in Tennessee this past Sunday.  This leaves us little doubt that Pittsburgh is the most complete team in the league.

2.  Kansas City Chiefs (6-1): ⬇️

Through no fault of their own, the Chiefs drop a spot in our rankings.  Kansas City mauled the Broncos 43-16.  The Chiefs offense is fantastic, but their defense is far below what the Steelers have.

3.  Baltimore Ravens (5-1): ⬆️

The battle for the top spot in the AFC is shaping up to be one hell of a race.  We will learn a lot about the Ravens when they face off with the Steelers this Sunday.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-2): ⬆️

Tampa is really playing well now, and could be the class of the NFC.  Adding the troubled Antonio Brown could help, but it could end up being a huge distraction. https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/10/24/antonio-brown-signing-buccaneers-risk-long-term

5. Tennessee Titans (5-1): ↔️

The Titans stand pat in our NFL power rankings after week seven.  Tennessee’s defense may be their undoing if they can’t get this unit fixed.  They rank dead last in third down defense, and next to last in red zone defense.

Playoff caliber, but…..

6. Seattle Seahawks (5-1): ⬇️

As we mentioned in last weeks power rankings, Seattle is a one trick pony.  When Russell Wilson isn’t absolutely flawless, the Seahawks don’t win. NFL power rankings by Steelers Sanctuary

7. Los Angeles Rams (5-2): ⬆️

The Rams have a great coach, and just enough talent to make a real run in the playoffs.  The race in the NFC West should be fascinating all season.

8. Green Bay Packers (5-1): ⬇️

Green Bay took care of business against the Texans to the tune of 45-20.  We’re still not convinced however.  Time will tell if the Packers can reach our elite level.

9. Buffalo Bills (5-2): ⬇️

The AFC east leading Buffalo Bills struggled mightily against the lowly Jets.  They failed to score a touchdown, settling for six field goals.  Any other team, and the Bills might have gotten their third loss.

10. Arizona Cardinals (5-2): ⬆️

Arizona is coming off a huge win against the Seahawks Sunday night.  This team has holes, but their offense is dynamic enough to keep them in any game.

11. San Francisco 49ers (4-3): ⬆️

The NFC West is clearly the best division in football right now.  If the fourth place 49ers ever get healthy they will  be a problem in the NFC playoff race.

12. New Orleans Saints (4-2): ⬇️

The Saints have a problem not too dissimilar than the Steelers had two years ago with Antonio Brown.  They have an elite receiver that no one can stand on the team.  New Orleans would struggle to win without Micheal Thomas, but he is holding them back with his distractions.  Steelers fans know too well how this story plays out.

13.  Cleveland Browns (5-2): ↔️

The Browns are an easy to figure out.  When they play a team with a bad defense they can be successful.  On the other hand, when Baker Mayfield plays a team that can get pressure he struggles in a big way.  The Browns are destined for one and done in the playoffs, if they make it at all.

14. Indianapolis Colts (4-2): ⬇️

We are not buying the Colts as serious contenders in the AFC.   Philip Rivers is a problem at quarterback, and will ultimately keep the Colts from going anywhere in the playoffs.

15. Chicago Bears (5-2): ⬇️

The Chicago Bears have talent.  The lack of an elite quarterback will continue to hold them back however.

16. Oakland Raiders (3-3): ⬇️

A loss against the Buccaneers is nothing to get too upset about.  It did however expose one of the Raiders major weaknesses.  Oakland can not generate any kind of pass rush whatsoever.  That in turn makes the whole defense struggle.

17. Miami Dolphins (3-3): ⬆️

It’s Tua time in Miami coming off their bye.  Rookie Tua Tagovailoa takes over the starting quarterback duties going forward.

18. Carolina Panthers (3-4): ↔️

The Panther gave New Orleans all they could handle on Sunday.  They are building for the future while still keeping a pretty good team on the field.

19. Philadelphia Eagles (2-4-1): ⬆️

Same old story for the Eagles.  This is a good team that is decimated by injuries.  If the Eagles ever get healthy they should cruise to a division title in the awful NFC East.

NFL Purgatory:

20. Los Angeles Chargers (2-4): ⬆️

Los Angeles is a talented team trying to break in a rookie quarterback. Watch out for this group in 2021.

21. New England Patriots (2-4): ⬇️

Their 2-4 record represents the worst start for the Patriots in over 20 years.  The only thing keeping this team from our “tanking for Trevor” category is that they are coached by Bill Belichick.

22. Detroit Lions (3-3) ⬆️

The Lions were lucky to escape with a win over the lowly Falcons.  Detroit seems destined to a 8-8 or 7-9 record.

23.  Washington Football Team (2-5): ⬆️

Washington has talent, and a good coach.  That should keep them competitive all season long.  They are just a quarterback away from being dangerous.

24.  Denver Broncos (2-4): ⬆️

Denver kept it close for a while against the Chiefs on Sunday.  Injuries, and a young quarterback will keep this team from making any serious noise in 2020.

25. Cincinnati Bengals (1-5-1):↔️

Joe Burrow makes the Bengals fun, and competitive at the same time.  Cincinnati will be heard from in the years to come.

Tanking for Trevor:

26.  Houston Texans (1-6): ⬆️

The Texans are the best of this terrible group for one reason, and one reason only….Deshaun Watson.

27. Dallas Cowboys (2-5): ⬇️

Normally we could blame the Cowboys troubles on losing their starting quarterback for the season.  Truth is they were almost as bad with Dak Prescott in the lineup.  Without him, they are down right awful.

28. Atlanta Falcons (1-6): ⬆️

The Falcons are frisky under interim coach Raheem Morris.

29.  Minnesota Vikings (1-5): ⬇️

The Vikings are already selling off pieces before the trade deadline.  They sent pass rusher Yanick Ngakoue to the Ravens this week.  Minnesota has officially waved the white flag for 2020.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-6): ↔️

Of the bottom three teams, at least the Jags show a little fight on Sundays. Still, this is a bad football team.

31.  New York Giants (1-6): ↔️

The Giants nearly pulled off the upset against the Eagles.  Weird things always seem happen on Thursday night games.  Don’t read too much into it, the Giants are still bad.

32. New York Jets (0-7): ↔️

Oh the state of football in New York.  The Jets did give the Bills a run for their money last week.  Having said that, they remain the worst team in our NFL power rankings after week seven.