The New York Jets are the worst NFL franchise in recent history.  They have gotten this way by making several bad decisions over the years. Trading their 2019 third  overall pick in  Quinnen Williams would be another in those long line of terrible decisions.

Various reports have Williams price tag anywhere from a second round pick, to as low as a day three draft choice.  Let’s split the difference and say he could be had for a third round pick.  Can the Steelers possibly ignore that price for such a talented defensive lineman ?

The Steelers do not have an immediate need at defensive tackle at this point.  Having said that, this unit could use a younger player to bolster the depth.  Cam Heyward is now thirty one years old, and Stephon Tuitt has been injury prone his entire career so far.  Given how important this position is to the Steelers success on defense, Kevin Colbert should be running to the phone to make some offers.  Here’s a few trades that would make sense for Pittsburgh:

James Washington and a fourth round pick:

If there is one position where the Steelers have an abundance of depth it is at receiver.  The Jets on the other hand are extraordinarily  thin at that position.  James Washington has seen his playing time diminish with the continued improvement in rookie Chase Claypool.  In New York Washington would probably become wide receiver one with the Jets right away.

Second round pick:

If the Jets were willing to accept a second round pick straight up for Quinnen Williams, its hard to imagine why the Steelers would say no.  The early views on the defensive tackle crop for the 2021 draft say it it will be very weak.  There won’t be anyone close to Williams talent even when the Steelers select in the first round, let alone the second they’d be giving up.

Benny Snell and a fourth round pick:

The Jets are currently starting 37 year old Frank Gore at running back.  To say they are in need of an upgrade at that position is an understatement.  The emergence of rookie Anthony McFarland would ease the blow of losing a back like Snell.  This is another position of depth the Steelers could trade from.

The Verdict:

We have already written that this Steelers defense has very few, if any weaknesses. Does the Steelers defense have a weakness?

Trading for a player like Quinnen Williams would be a luxury rather than filling a need.  But when an opportunity to steal a talented player comes about, it should not be ignored.  Continue to stock pile talent, and worry about how the pieces fit later on.  If Quinnen Williams is indeed available, the Steelers need to be involved.  Acquiring a player with this much potential is never a bad idea.