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Predicting wins and losses for the Steelers schedule

Anyone who reads us here at Steelers Sanctuary  knows we are more critical of the team than most sites.  Having said that, we are extremely excited about the team this year.  Everything seems to be falling into place for the Pittsburgh Steelers to have a big season in 2020.  Let’s get out our crystal ball and predict every game in the Steelers schedule this season:


Week – 1 @ Giants: Win

The Steelers open up Monday night versus the New York Giants.  This should be an easy win for the team.  They are facing a brand new coaching staff, and a bad football team.  Steelers start out the season 1-0.


Week – 2  Broncos: Win

It has just been reported that Vonn Miller suffered a season ending ankle injury.

Add that to a young quarterback on the road, and the Steelers improve to 2-0.


Week – 3  Texans: Win

This one is a bit trickier.  I’m giving this one to Pittsburgh because it is a home game.  Steelers 3-0.


Week 4 @ Titans: Loss

Pretty mush the same reason i gave the Steelers a win in week three.  On the road  against what should be a tough opponent gets the team its first loss.  Steelers 3-1.


Week 5 Eagles: Win

I don’t expect the Eagles to be a very good team this season.  Add the fact that this is in Pittsburgh, and this is another for the win column.  Steelers 4-1.


Week 6 Browns: Win

First division game of the season.  Steelers have owned the Browns over the years, I see no reason for this to change.  Steelers 5-1.


Week 7 @ Ravens: Loss

These two games against the Ravens should be absolute wars.  I’ll give this one to the Ravens at home.  It will be close though.  Steelers 5-2.

Week 8 Bye



Week 9 @ Cowboys: Loss

Tough stretch here going at both Baltimore and Dallas.  The Cowboys should be among the best teams in the NFC.  Steelers 5-3.


Week 10 Bengals: Win

Steelers get back on track with a nice home game against the lowly Bengals.  A rookie quarterback with a bad offensive line will have the defense chomping at the bit.  Steelers 6-3.


Week 11 @ Jaguars: Win

The Jags will be among the worst teams in the league in 2020.  This game is a gimmie.   Steelers 7-3.


Week 12 Ravens: Win

I have these two AFC North rivals splitting their games with each winning at home.  These games will  be must watch tv even for the casual fans. Steelers 8-3.


Week 13 Redskins: Win

The Washington football club will have a pretty decent team in 2020.  They aren’t winning in Pittsburgh with Dwayne Haskins at quarterback however.  Steelers 9-3.


Week 14 @ Bills: Win

The Steelers nearly beat this team last season without Ben Roethlisberger.  That was with the playoffs very much on the line for both teams.   A healthy Big Ben makes all the difference in the world.  Steelers 10-3.


Week 15 @ Bengals: Win

At some point in the future,  Joe Burrow will make this rivalry a whole lot more interesting.  It’s a stretch to think he survives this long into the season with that offensive line however.  Steelers 11-3.


Week 16 Colts: Loss

I just have a funny feeling Pittsburgh stubs their toe here against a very good Colts team.  It’s close, but this is the first home loss on the Steelers schedule.  Steelers 11-4.


Week 17 @ Browns: Win

The Steelers will likely need this game for the division title race.  No end of the season breaks this year despite their impressive record.  Steelers finish the season 12-4.


Final prediction is  a 12-4 season, and an AFC North title for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  We have been saying for some time that the 2020 is an all or nothing season for the team. Steelers have a one year window left to win a Super Bowl with Ben Roethlisberger

The Steelers schedule could not be much easier.  Combine that with a healthy Ben Roethlisberger, and this should be a twelve win season at a minimum.  Add in the best defense this team has had in nearly ten years, and you have the making of a serious Super Bowl run.  Anything less in 2020 would be a major disappointment.




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