When you think about Super Bowl quarterbacks, there always those few names that immediately come to mind.  Tom Brady and Joe Montana are the gold standard.  While names like Terry Bradshaw and Troy Aikman see to be on a tier below.  One more Super Bowl win for Ben Roehtlisberger would catapult him out of the third tier of quarterbacks into some pretty elite company.  Currently Big Ben is stuck in a group with six other quarterbacks with two Super Bowl wins.  Here’s a complete list:

Tier One:

Tom Brady – 6

Terry Bradshaw – 4

Joe Montana – 4

Troy Aikman – 3

Tier Two:

Ben Roehtlisberger – 2

John Elway – 2

Roger Staubach – 2

Peyton Manning – 2

Eli Manning – 2

Bob Griese – 2

Bart Starr – 2

Jim Punkett – 2

Tier Three:

Kurt Warner – 1          Mark Rypien – 1

Len Dawson – 1           Phil Simms – 1

Joe Thiesmann – 1       Steve Young – 1

Brett Favre – 1             Joe Flacco – 1

Russel Wilson – 1         Drew Brees – 1

Patrick Mahomes – 1    Aaron Rogers – 1

Jim McMahon – 1         Ken Stabler – 1

Nick Foles – 1               Brad Johnson – 1

Jeff Hostetlor – 1          Doug Williams – 1

Trent Dilfer – 1             Johnny Unitas – 1

Joe Namath – 1



Respect has been a hard thing to come by for Pittsburgh’s franchise quarterback.  Outside of Pittsburgh, he is not looked upon as an elite signal caller.  This despite being more successful than the majority of his peers.  Roehtlisberger has more career passing yards than John Elway and Brett Favre, and more Super Bowl titles than Russel Wilson and Dan Marino.  Yet when looking at any national quarterback list, Big Ben can be hard to find at times.  For example here’s a list of the top 25 quarterbacks for 2020.  You have to scroll to 15 before you find the Steelers QB.  https://www.profootballnetwork.com/top-25-nfl-quarterbacks-2020-season/2/

Steelers fans have a much different view of their quarterback.  They have seen first hand what life is like without him.  Look no further than last season to see valuables player he is. Steelers quarterback situation in 2020: Ben or bust

At this point it is a given that Ben Roehtlisberger is a Hall of Fame player even if he were to never take another snap in the NFL.  What he is playing for now is legacy.  The NFL more than any other sport values championships over stats when grading players.  Given that fact, a third Lombardi Trophy would cement his standing as one of the elite players to ever play the position.  Roehtlisberger does not have much left to prove, but one more championship would go a long way in making him one of the best of all time.  Even his detractors would have a hard time denying that.