Throwback uniforms can bring on a feeling of nostalgia.  We have a special feeling about those jerseys, often remembering them better than they were. But in some cases they actually are better than the current gear for some NFL teams.  Here is a list of the top five teams that would be better suited returning to their throwback jerseys:

5.  Atlanta Falcons:

I thought the NFL learned its lesson with two-toned color schemes after the Jaguars horrendous attempt with their helmet.  It was so bad in fact, it landed on our top ten worst uniforms of all time. Top 10 Worst NFL Uniforms of all time

The Falcons have fallen into the trap of trying to hard to modernize their look.  Bad idea Atlanta.  Go back to the infinetely better old school uniforms shown above. We will all be better off for it.

4.  New England Patriots:

The New England Patriots made a huge mistake replacing Pat Patriot with the flying Elvis.  The first was one of the most original helmet designs ever, the latter is just plain boring.  The team has unveiled New Jersey’s for 2020, which aren’t half bad.  Until they ditch the new helmet design they will never quite get it right however.

3.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

With so many fans asking for the return of the “creamsicle” uniforms it is a mystery why Tampa refuses to do it.  They seemed to have cleaned up thier ultra busy uniforms with cleaner, simpler ones for 2020.  Still, until they go back to Bucco Bruce they are doing it wrong.

2. Tennessee Titans:

When the Houston Oilers became the Tennessee Titans we lost one of the best throwback uniforms in NFL history.  There is precedent for teams who move to keep their old names even though it doesn’t make sense in the new location.  Look no further than the Lakers keeping their name even though there aren’t any lakes in Los Angeles.  The “Titans” need to follow that lead and go back to the “Oilers” immediately.

1. Seattle Seahawks:

When it comes to the gap between past and present uniforms, there is none wider than the Seattle Seahawks.  We voted the Seahawks throwbacks number one in our greatest uniforms of all time. Top ten non-NFL uniforms of all time

This new color scheme Seattle has come up with can only be described as offensive.  Neon green and ultra dull blue?  They look more like arena football rejects than an NFL franchise.  If there were one team we had the power to change to throwback, it would be the Seattle Seahawks by a wide margin.