We all can pick our favorite NFL uniforms in the league today.  Most of us can recall our favorite throwbacks as well.  How about other football leagues though?  There have been plenty of great helmets and jerseys from places other than the NFL.  Here’s a list of the top ten non-NFL uniforms of all time:

10.  Jacksonville Sharks – WFL

Tough to find a good photo from the old WFL.  The Jacksonville Sharks had a great logo, to go with some nice clean silver and black uniforms.  Sometimes simple is the most affective way to go about it.  The Sharks nailed it in the era of the 70s which could brought us some of the more hideous uniforms ever.

9.  Salt Lake City Stallions – AAF

The AAF didn’t even last one full season, but it was around long enough to bring us these gems.  Using different shades of blue is always a hit.  That, and again keeping the helmet simple is a winning formula.

8.  Honolulu Hawaiians – WFL

Again, this picture does not do these uniforms justice due to the league only lasting a couple of years during the early 70s.  The logo was very unique for its time, and the black/red/orange color scheme is always fantastic.  Read more about this franchise here: http://wfl.charlottehornetswfl.com/team_pages_1974/05.php

7.  Rhein Fire NFL – Europe

The long forgotten NFL Europe experiment brought us some top notch uniforms.  The Rhein Fire had the little used maroon and black combo.  Add that to any use of fire or flame as a logo, and its hard not to come out with a great uniform.

6.  St. Louis Battlehawks – XFL

The brand new XFL league brings us these slick uniforms from the St. Louis Battlehawks.  Using wings on the helmet has been a winner time and again for football teams.  This is no exception.

5.  San Antonio Gunslingers – USFL

Navy blue and green is an underrated color combination in sports.  The San Antonio Gunslingers show us just how good it can be.  Also, take a close look at the logo on the helmet.  It’s about as good as it gets for football helmets.  Lots of detail without getting too busy.

4.  Barcelona Dragons – NFL Europe

Dark green is an excellent color choice for a football uniform.  The unique logo used by the Barcelona Dragons also sets it apart.  Put those two together and you get one of the best non-NFL uniforms of all time.

3.  Calgary Stampede – CFL

This is one of the better uses of a horse logo anywhere in football.  The Calgary Stampede also have the elite red and black combo going for them.  The CFL has a lot of below average uniforms in its league, this certainly isn’t one of them.

2.  Oklahoma Outlaws – USFL

The logo on the helmet alone is one of the best ever to be used in any football league.  The Oklahoma Outlaws simply nailed it.  That and wearing all black with a little red trim make these uniforms elite.

1.  Boston Breakers – USFL

The Breakers franchise had three cities in its history, but kept one elite uniform.  The helmet logo is one of the most original ever produced for a football helmet.  The shades of blue and silver color scheme complete what is the best on-NFL uniform of all time.  We liked this so much, we made it the best of any football uniforms as you can see here: Top 10 football uniforms of all time