There have been some pretty bad jerseys over the years in the NFL. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some NFL uniforms leave no doubt in how bad they are. Not lacking in choices, we’ve narrowed down the ten worst of all time.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (throwback)

Being a Steelers fan, I’m embarrassed to say I actually kind of like these. The so called ‘bumble-bee” jerseys are certainly unique. It’s not hard to see why most people think they’re awful.

9. San Francisco 49ers (color rush)

The black is just woefully out of place in this color rush version. The 49ers would have been much better off going with all red or gold instead. San Francisco got too caught up into trying to force the popular black into their color rush jerseys.

8. Baltimore Ravens (color rush)

The lighter shade of purple just doesn’t work, and there is way too much of it. Add in that vomit shade of yellow and you have a very bad color rush combo for the Ravens. They look like a bunch of giant purple crayons. This is an instance where all black would have worked perfectly.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (current)

Why? Why in the world would they opt for this when they have the near perfect creamsicle jerseys in mothballs?? The small bits of orange are almost there to remind you how good they could be. Change it back Tampa, do the NFL world a favor.

6. Cleveland Browns (current)

Granted, having the colors crap brown and bright orange is a challenge all to itself. The Browns color scheme is too classic to change, so their options are limited. What they have done is double down on the ugliness with these current jerseys. I’m not sure how they can fix it, but this is not the way.

5. Green Bay Packers (throwback)

Who thought this was a good idea? If you turned on your television and saw this you’d have no idea who the hell was playing. There’s a reason Green Bay abandoned these like a hundred years ago. Stick with the classic green and yellow uniforms please.

4. Seattle Seahawks (color rush)

This is only slightly worse than the uniforms the Seahawks normally wear. They substituted neon traffic cone green for that dull darkish blue, and voila you have a top five worst jersey. The only thing saving these from being number one is the elite seahawk logo on the helmet. The rest needs to be burned immediately.

3. Denver Broncos (throwback)

The Broncos have had several versions of jerseys over the years. Most of them are pretty good…….these aren’t one of them. This is a bad look right down to the zebra striped socks.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (throwback)

This completes the hat trick of hideous way back jerseys. This Eagles disaster along with the Broncos, and Packers should be locked away forever.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars (color rush)

Here they are, the king of the hill for nauseating jerseys. Let’s start with the unfortunate decision to make the helmet two toned. What were they thinking? Add to that the even more unfortunate decision to go with what can only be described as “urine yellow”. The Jaguars has so many good color options to go with it’s a mystery why they went with this.

Imagine the meeting where they decided on this. “Ok folks we can go all black, or all turquoise fo our color rush uniforms. Wait we could also go with this dehydrated piss yellow. Yes, yes definitely piss yellow is the way to go”. Absolutely astonishing how a group of legally sighted people would ok this. Congrats Jacksonville, you’ve managed to beat out some stiff competition to earn the honor of worst uniforms of all time.