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Open letter to Art Rooney II: You ARE running a circus


In an interview yesterday when asked about the perception of the team being a circus, you replied…”We finished a half game of winning the division. It’s disappointing, but I’m not sure how that makes you a circus.” Really? Have you not been paying attention at all the past five years?? For the record, let me list just some of the goings on underneath the Steelers big top………


  • 2018 – Sued for throwing furniture from a balcony, nearly hitting a child
  • 2018 – Had $80,000 in cash and a hand gun stolen
  • 2018 – Threatened not one, but two reporters via social media
  • 2018 – Skipped practice earlier this season, followed by the famous “trade me and find out” comment
  • 2018 – Walked out on the team before the last game of the season, hasn’t returned any calls since.
    2017 – The “FaceBook Live” incident after a playoff game.
    • 2018 – Skips entire season in dispute over Franchise Tag.
      2017 – Skips practice before playoff game versus Jaguars.
      2016 – Suspended four games for substance abuse
      2014 – Charged with marijuana possession when pulled over with LeGarrette Blount.
    • 2018 – Takes shots at multiple teammates during weekly radio show.
      2017 – Strongly hints at retirement during off-season.
    • 2017 – Only Steelers player player to come out fo the National Anthem while team had decided to stay in tunnel in protest. Inadvertently created weeks of controversy for the team.
    • 2017 – Benched for a game for being a distraction.
      2016 – Suspended entire season for substance abuse.
    • 2015 – Suspended first four games for substance abuse.
    • 2017 – Sued for “body slamming” someone resulting in a broken leg.
      2017 – Suspended four games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.
    • Walks off the field during a game versus Titans.
    • 2017 – After being released, details come out of sleeping during meetings. Takes multiple shots at Mike Tomlin.
    • 2017 – Arrested for assaulting a doorman at a Pittsburgh bar.
      2017 – Had to be removed from his son’s high school football game for berating the coach.
    • 2017 – Involved in a physical confrontation outside a Pittsburgh bar on New Years Eve.
    • 2017 – Accused of having a profanity laced tirade against officials of his son’s football game
      2013 – Fined $100,000 for obstructing a kick return versus Baltimore Ravens.
  • So Mr. Rooney please tell me after all this how anyone is not supposed to look at this franchise as a circus? It is now over five years running of issues, all under your watch. Don’t waste our time with spin and excuses. Be the leader you are supposed to be and deal with these problems. Don’t bring back Le’Veon Bell, or Antonio Brown. Give this franchise the fresh start it badly needs. Let’s turn the page on an embarrassing era we would all like to forget. Don’t turn a blind eye to the circus, end it.
  • Sincerely Yours

    Steelers Sanctuary



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    1. But funny how you don’t list Ben’s charges of rape and sexual assualt dismissed or not but everyone else’s charges… smh

      • So we gonna run with decade old “Accusations” ??
        At what Point… does a guy who was NOT Charged must less convicted … and has had Not One issue Off field since.
        How would you like an event you were not Charged with to be Flown over your head for life ??
        And Yes He settled with the Vegas Lady as advised by His Lawyer and Steeler front office.
        Georgia Girl Vanished… as it was strait Set up of a VERY Stupid and Arrogant Young man.

    2. So is every NFL team a circus, i would say that list is very small in comparison to many more teams last 5 years… Seriously, thats all you can come up with to say the Steelers are a circus. You dont work to hard do you….

      • You’re out of your mind if you think every team has a list like that. Thanks for playing though

    3. There’s a lot to be pissed about but Mr. Rooney runs a class organization. Every person, couple or team have distractions. Your list is elementary in terms of a circus. Try researching the positives that represent the Steelers.

    4. It’s a circus indeed. For Mr. Rooney to say a half of a game is ignorant with the talent on this team. It’s a joke of a circus.

    5. How and why would you even put VILLANUEVA in all that? That man has nothing but respect for his country and his flag, gtfoh with that. You should of mentioned Pouncey and his relations with Aaron Hernandez. Now that’s some controversy right there and yes it happened in the last 5 years. You know nothing about this team or its players.

    6. Do you honestly think we are the ONLY team in the NFL that has problems??? Really.. Are we not forgetting the one team that cheated there way to the Super Bowl? Ummm hello DeFlate Gate… New England… How about the player the the decade that started a war in the nfl .. Capernick??! Your gonn point your fingers at the Steelers for having a couple of bad apples.. Do you see Harrison in a Steeler jersey now? Nope he’s gone! Porter n Haley Gone!! Did we pay Bell nope!! AB is on his way out the door too… Th Rooney’s are good people and know what they are doing.. yes we need to work on things, but a circus? Far from it.. Tell New England stop cheating there way to a win.. Also the refs are the BIG freaks under the big top.. Seriously they need to go back to class n learn how to do there jobs !! PS4L

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