Ok if you read Part 1 you have a pretty good idea what Antonio Brown’s value around the league is. Now in Part 2 we can look at the specific teams that would be most interested in Brown, and what they would have to offer:

* San Francisco 49ers (#2 overall pick 2019) – Ya, that’d about do it. The number two pick in the 2019 draft would be great compensation for Antonio Brown. The Steelers could stay put and prey Nick Bosa falls to them, or trade down for even more assets. The 49ers have plenty of cap space ($46 million), and that win now mentality that would drive them to make this type of trade.

* Oakland Raiders (#4 overall, 4th round pick 2019) – Another top five pick would be just fine in my book. I could even live without the the other 4th rounder if necessary. Pittsburgh could get a very good pass rusher here, or again look to trade down a bit. There will be a few teams looking to move up to get a quarterback here. The Raiders need to do something to repair the damage of selling off most of their star players.

* Green Bay Packers (#12 overall, #32 overall picks 2019) – The Packers own the New Orleans Saints first round pick which could fall anywhere between 28 – 32. This trade would give the Steelers three first round picks in the 2019 draft. They can go any number of ways with that kind of ammunition. It goes without saying Aaron Rogers would kill for a weapon like Antonio Brown.

* New York Jets (#3 overall) or (Second round pick and Darron Lee) – I’d be tempted to take Lee and the second round pick here. The Steelers would get the athletic inside linebacker they so desperately need, and a high second round pick as well. The Jets get a much needed big play guy on offense, seems like a perfect fit. I know Sam Darnold would agree.

  • * Tampa Bay Buccaneers (#5 overall, 4th round pick) – Same deal as above with the 49ers and Raiders, grab a high draft choice and shop it around. Now that the Bucs have hired old friend Bruce Arians, there should be plenty of interest. At sixty six years old, Arians isn’t playing the long game. He will want to win, and win now.
  • * Miami Dolphins (#13 overall 2019, Xavien Howard) – This one I like a lot, not sure the Dolphins could be talked into it. It may not make all the football sense in the world, but it would generate lots of excitement in South Beach. Remember in Part 1 where I said it only takes one desperate owner? Miami might be just that team.
  • * Washington Redskins (#15 overall 2019, first round pick 2020) – This one also falls under my dumb/desperate owner category. We all know how much Dan Snyder loves over paying for stars. The Redskins could very well be worse next year even with Antonio Brown. Add another top ten pick next year to the 15th this year? Deal!!
  • * Philadelphia Eagles (1st round pick 2019, 2nd round pick 2020, Sidney Jones) – I guess we can’t rule the Eagles out of any big trade. Newly acquired Golden Tate will be a free agent at the end of the season, so there will be a need. The draft picks are likely to be at the end of the first round in both years so Jones is thrown in as a sweetener. He’s young and unproven, but lots of upside at a position of need in Pittsburgh.