The subject for this weeks Saturday morning top 10 is inspired by Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan’s comments about Ben Roethlisberger. It goes without saying that Jordan has no idea what he’s talking about. It did however get me thinking how I would rank the top ten quarterbacks as they stand in 2018. So here it is, feel free to comment on anyone you feel was left out:

10. Patrick Mahomes – I know he’s a rookie. I know it’s a small body of work. That said, I’m also confident he is at least the tenth best quarterback in the NFL. Mahomes has it all folks. He has the arm strength, mobility, accuracy, fearlessness, and the football IQ you want in a quarterback. Check back in three years, and he will be number one.

9. Andrew Luck – If not for injuries, Andrew Luck may very well be top five on this list. Luck is in the midst of a tremendous comeback season. The Colts quarterback already has 34 touchdowns and nearly 4,000 yards with two games still remaining.

8. Matthew Stafford – Stafford to me is one of the best pure passers in the league. He has a golden arm, but that hasn’t translated to many winning seasons. His inability to raise his team to the next level is a real blemish on his otherwise gaudy stats. A Super Bowl run would do wonders for his reputation as one of the league’s best.

7. Matt Ryan – Ryan has everything you want in a quarterback except for one thing. He’s not a finisher. Ryan shrinks under pressure, pure and simple. There’s no better example then his Super Bowl appearance against the New England Patriots. His team desperately needed Ryan to make one play in the second half when it mattered most. One play to hold off the furious Patriots comeback. He couldn’t come up with that play, and the Falcons blew the biggest second half lead in Super Bowl history.

6. Russell Wilson – Wilson was one ill-advised pass away from being a two time Super Bowl champion. That would have put him in some elite company. Even still, Russell Wilson is one of the most talented quarterbacks in this league.

5. Philip Rivers – He has all the talent. He has all the stats. What Rivers is lacking is winning the big game. Not having even appeared in a Super Bowl, despite being on some extremely talented teams can’t be ignored. Maybe 2018 is the year Philip Rivers enters the elite class of championship quarterbacks……..maybe.

4. Aaron Rogers – There was a time when the argument could be made that Rogers was the best quarterback in the NFL. Even better than the far more successful Tom Brady. There’s no denying the talent, but the winning is no longer there. Injuries have started taking their toll as well. Maybe a new head coach will bring back his winning ways, time will tell.

3. Ben Roethlisberger – He may not do it as pretty as Stafford and Ryan. He may not be as precise as Brady or Brees. The bottom line is Ben Roehtlisberger puts up stats, and wins lots of games. With two Super Bowls, and plenty of passing records, Big Ben doesn’t take a back seat to many in the NFL.

2. Tom Brady – If we are judging by body of work, Brady is far and away number one. There aren’t enough words to fully describe how good he really is. In 2018 however, it seems Brady has slipped ever so slightly. Not a lot, but just enough to lose his hold on the top spot.

1. Drew Brees – There simply isn’t anyone in the NFL playing at the level that Drew Brees is right now. Brees seems rejuvenated over the past two seasons, and has taken his game another level. That’s saying something given the career he has to look back on. The Saints are favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2018, and that’s in no small part to the play of the best quarterback in the NFL…..Drew Brees.