So you think you know your favorite NFL team pretty well? Let’s see I can surprise you with some of these little known throwback jerseys.

  1. Indianapolis/Baltimore Colts: The Colts are famous for their horseshoe logo and white uniforms. There was a time when the helmet and jersey was slightly different.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs: Did you know the Chiefs started their franchise as the Dallas Texans? They played in Dallas from 1960-1963, before moving to Kansas City and becoming the Chiefs.
  3. Washington Redskins: The Redskins went through more than one uniform change over the years. Here’s the first of two.
  4. Washington Redskins II – Speaking of the Redskins, version two is my personal favorite. The spear and feathers is a great look.
  5. Cincinnati Bengals – Before the Bengals went with the bold tiger stripe helmet, they sported these Cleveland Browns rip-off unis.
  6. New England Patriots – Most people are aware of the Pat Patriot throwback uniforms for New England. How many of you have seen these original jerseys?
  7. New York Jets – New York has had many versions of their jet helmet over the years. How many of you remember this early version?
  8. New York Giants – What says the 70’s more than this gem from the Giants?
  9. Denver Broncos – Not my favorite Broncos helmet, but still an AFL classic.
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers – Everyone is familiar by now with the bumble bee throwbacks the Steelers have been sporting the last few seasons. It’s been speculated that these “Batman” jerseys are the next throwback version. Let’s hope so!