Her we go again with Le’veon Bell.  For the second straigt season, Bell will miss time due to drug related suspensions.  The latest transgression is for missing 3 drug tests in the offseason.  Bell posted an explanation on Twitter today on why he missed the tests.  According to Bell, he could not make the first two because he was rehabbing from surgery.  The third test was missed because he claimed to have overslept.  All these excuses come from the same person who viamently denied having ever missed a test as recently as June.  In an article by Mark Kaboly, Bell was quoted as saying ” I am fine, I haven’t missed any drug tests, failed any drug tests”.   He contridadicted himself even further when he boldly claimed he wouldn’t miss any time, and the truth would come out and he’d be cleared.  The bottom line is that Le’veon Bell can’t be trusted.  Not by the fans, and certainly not by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The question now is what do the Steelers do with the talented running back going forward. Trading him now seems out of the question.  Bell’s trade value is about as low as it can be.  Getting the most possible out of him this season, making a run at a Super Bowl, and then letting him walk as a free agent appears to be the most likely option.  Pittsburgh has the right to franchise Bell after the season, and delay the decision for another year.  I don’t see a scenario where Bell is ever signed to a long term deal at this point.  It will be tough to part ways with maybe the most talented running back in the NFL.  Le’veon Bell has given the Steelers a lot to think about in the next few years.