With the rumors of the Steelers interest in Jalen Carter heating up this week, we decided to do our latest mock draft with a trade up to 9.  Trading up from 17 to 9 with the Chicago Bears would cost less than you may think.  Following the NFL trade chart, Pittsburgh would have to give up picks 17 and 32.  It has been reported that Omar Khan was looking to get a day 3 pick back in return as part of this deal.  He is right to ask for this considering the points from trading both 17 and 32 have more value than just the 9th pick alone.  So for the purposes of our Steelers mock draft 4.0 here is the trade we worked out:

The Bears get – Picks 17, 32, and 241

The Steelers get – Picks 9, and 148

With all this in mind, here’s what we came up with:

Round One (9):  Jalen Carter DT – Georgia

H/W:  6’3”, 314lbs

Arms: 33 1/2”


We went into great detail about Jalen Carter in our last post here:Rumors of a Steelers trade up for Jalen Carter heating up

There are plenty of concerns off the field, but on the field this is really a no-brainer.  Adding Carter to this defense instantly makes this unit top five at a minimum.  Not to mention adding much needed depth to an aging group.  Mike Tomlin will have to earn his money keeping this guy in check, but the upside is just too tempting.

Round Two (49): Julius Brents CB – Kansas

H/W: 6’2 3/4”, 198lbs

Arms: 34”

40: 4.53

Vert/Broad:  41 1/2”, 138”

RAS: 9.99

As you can see by his athlete testing, Julius Brents is a physical freak.  Pretty much the only thing he lacks is elite speed. His size will be a plus in run support in the physical AFC North however.  Brents has been in for a visit, confirming the Steelers interest.  He gives them the much needed young prospect this corner room needs.

Round 3 (80): Byron Young Edge – Tennessee

H/W:  6’2 1/2”, 250 lbs

Arms: 32 1/2

40: 4.43

Broad/Vert: 38”/132”

RAS: 9.23

The minute Bud Dupree signed with the Atlanta Falcons we knew the Steelers had to have an edge in this draft.  They currently have zero depth at this position.  Byron Young is an elite athlete for the position, with the production to back it up.  He has registered 12.5 sacks in his last two seasons at Tennessee.  We recently found out that Steelers assistant GM Andy Weidl was at his pro day as well.

Round 4 (120): Bryce Ford Wheaton WR- West Virginia:

H/W: 6’3 1/2”, 221

40: 4.38

Broad/Vert: 41”/129”

RAS: 9.97

The need to draft a wide receiver diminished a little with the recent acquisition of Allen Robinson.  Still, the temptation to get a receiver with this kind of elite athleticism may be too great to pass up.  Wheaton is a clone of former Steelers stand out Martavis Bryant, without the off the field nonsense.  Look for Pittsburgh to add yet another weapon for Kenny Pickett. 

Round 5 (148) – Nick Saldiveri OT – Old Dominion

H/W: 6’6”, 318lbs

Arms: 33 1/4”

40: 5.21

Broad/Vert: 31”/111”

RAS: 9.48

We couldnt’ get out of our Steelers mock draft 4.0 without at least one lineman.  Nick Salvideri tested incredibly well for the tackle position.  Pittsburgh needs some depth at tackle in the worst way. They get a very good prospect for this late in the draft.

Round 7: Daniel Scott: S California

H/W: 6’1”, 208lbs

40: 4.45

Broad/Vert: 39 1/2”, 128”

RAS: 9.94

A plus athlete at a position that could really use it for the Steelers,  At worst the team gets a decent special teams player.  At best he’s good backup plan in case of a Minkah injury. https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/daniel-scott