The Pittsburgh Steelers have several holes to fill this off-season.  Maybe the most needed of all is at defensive tackle.  Do the Steelers have a George Pickens problem?

Beyond the 34 year old Cam Heyward, there is nothing but question marks for this franchise at this position.  Maybe it’s time to check in on Stephon Tuitt to see where his mind is at.  There is no one player in the draft, or in free agency, that could have the impact of a healthy Stephon Tuitt.  

We are all well aware of the circumstances that led to the retirement of Tuitt after the 2020 season.  The tragic passing of his brother in a hit and run car accident being chief among them.  He also cited his graduating from Notre Dame as a reason it was time for him to move on from football.  Two years removed from that horrible tragedy one can’t help but wonder, is the itch for a comeback hitting him at all?

Granted, two years away from football is an eternity for a player.  A comeback to the level at which Stephon Tuitt had achieved would be asking a lot to say the least.  We don’t have any idea what kind of shape he has kept himself in.  Not too mention he may have no desire whatsoever to return to the game.  Still on the slim chance that the fire still burns, isn’t it at least worth a call?

If he were to comeback at even 70% of what he was in 2020, it would be better than the majority of the available players right now. Never mind if Tuitt could regain his form completely.  In his last season in Pittsburgh, Tuitt had 11 sacks and ten tackles for loss in what was one of his best seasons.  He had become one of the premier defensive tackles in the league at that point.

It’s a long shot we know, but why not check in on Stephon Tuitt just to see?  Maybe, just maybe, that competitive fire still burns.  Maybe it just needs a little push to come out.  The Steelers have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


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