The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback options took a major hit after yesterday’s news.  Both Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson are now off the market.  Those were the two most attractive of all the possible quarterbacks the Steelers could have acquired.  What’s left is a pretty underwhelming group of signal callers.  Here is our best guess to who will be behind center for this franchise in 2022:

1.  Mitch Trubisky:

Lots of rumors floating around that the Steelers have a major interest in Mitch Trubisky.

He has the mobility the team has been talking about all off-season, and his price tag should be fairly reasonable.  There is some possible upside here, and not having to give up assets makes Mitch Trubisky the leader in the clubhouse as we stand today.  We got into further detail here: Steelers 2022 quarterback: Why not Mitch Trubisky?

2.  Marcus Mariota:

Pretty much the same scenario here as with Trubisky.  A mobile free agent quarterback with a semi-reasonable price tag.  There is also the similar hope that this former top ten pick could finally realize his potential.  Either Trubisky or Mariota would make a reasonable “bridge” quarterback with the slight possibility of hitting it big on their potential.

3.  Jameis Winston:

Jamies Winston would be tops on this list if not for a few important factors.  First off, his propensity to turn the ball over is a major red flag.  He was much better in this area in 2021, but that was under the tutelage of Sean Payton.  Secondly, this is by no means a mobile quarterback.  If we give any credence to what the Steelers have been saying all off-season, Winston does not fit the mold they are looking for.  Finally, Jameis Winston will in all likelihood be the highest paid free agent quarterback on the market.  He has the best resume of any free agent quarterback out there.  Even with all this against him, Jameis Winston can not be ruled out to be the Steelers quarterback in 2022.

4.  Kenny Pickett:

The combine confirmed what everyone expected with Kenny Pickett, he has historically small hands for the quarterback position.  Despite being the most NFL ready quarterback in this draft, this measurable has to push him down most team’s draft boards.  The good news here is if you are a Kenny Pickett fan, this puts the Steelers very much in play for the Pitt quarterback.

5.  Cam Newton:

This is our dark horse pick to be the next Steelers quarterback.  You want mobility, how’s nearly 600 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns on the ground in 2020?  Newton has plenty of experience, and should be had on an extremely cheap one year deal.  This would allow Pittsburgh to add several other pieces in free agency and the draft, while hopefully remaining competitive for 2022.