If the Steelers 2022 quarterback isn’t going to be named Aaron Rogers or Russell Wilson, Pittsburgh should not go after just another retread. Players like Jameis Winston, Derek Carr, and Andy Dalton have proven they can’t get a team far in the playoffs. The Steelers need to focus on a quarterback with upside, and mobility.  Enter Mitch Trubisky.  Trubisky is a former second overall pick by the Chicago Bears in 2017.  We know things did not got well in Chicago for Trubisky.  We also know that Bears coach Matt Nagy was a huge bust, contributing to at least a good portion of the struggles there.  After a year of sitting behind Josh Allen in Buffalo, Mitch Trubisky becomes an interesting free agent option in 2022.  Here is the case for Trubisky as the Steelers 2022 quarterback:

The tools are there:

Coming out of college, Mitch Trubisky was considered a quarterback with all the tools.  He has a big arm, and above average athleticism for a quarterback.  Trubisky has adequate height (6’2”), and scored well in terms of athletic traits coming during the draft process.  https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/mitch-trubisky

This exactly the type of player suited for today’s NFL.  A quarterback who can make all the throws, while having the ability to extend plays with his feet.  There are many ways to critique Trubisky, but physical tools are not one of them.

The Chicago Bears coaching was a dumpster fire:

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that Matt Nagy was not the offensive genius he was touted to be coming out of Kansas City.  Nagy was hired to bring some of the Chiefs magic on offense to Chicago. As is so often the case when hiring coordinators, the question is will they be able to replicate the success on their new team.  That unfortunately never happened for the Bears.  At least some of Trubisky’s struggles can be attributed to the below average coaching from Nagy.  The Bears offense continued to struggle with either Justin Feilds, or Andy Dalton under center in 2021.

Mitch Trubisky a winner?

Despite the media narrative surrounding Mitch Trubisky, this is a player who actually managed to eek out a winning record in Chicago.  It would probably surprise many to learn his overall record as a starter is 29-21.  Many also forget that this also includes two trips to the playoffs in his four years as a starter.  Trubisky has had more success as a starting quarterback than he is being given credit for.

No assets needed:

The Pittsburgh Steelers are not in any position to be trading away draft assets at this time.  This team is littered with holes that need filling.  Unless they are bringing in a home run talent like Aaron Rogers, trading for a quarterback is not a good idea.  What would a trade for Aaron Rodgers look like for the Steelers?  

As far as free agents go, it’s a bad group overall.  This is where betting on traits and upside come into play.  We know who players like Jamies Winston, Andy Dalton, and Jacoby Brissett are.  None of those players have the potential to move the needle for a franchise that desperately needs it.  Why not bet on Mitch Trubisky, and save assets and cap space in the process?


Mike Tomlin has expressed his desire for a moblie player for the Steelers 2022 quarterback.  This franchise could do a lot worse than Mitch Trubisky to fill that role.  Rather than acquiring a retread that has proven they can’t win in big spots, why not try a younger player with a higher ceiling?  Trubisky is only 27 years old, and may be the steal of free agency in 2022. This a quarterback that makes a good deal of sense for the Pittsburgh quarterback position next season.