Now that we have a little down time before the 2022 off-season starts ramping up, let’s do a top 10 college football uniforms list.  We do these uniform posts from time to time on the site for fun.  Top ten non-NFL uniforms of all time

Here’s our list of the elite uniforms of college football:

10. Arkansas:

If you can pull off a hog on your helmet, you are elite in my book.  Arkansas does it so well.

9.  SMU:

Full disclosure, this has a bit of nostalgia for me.  Brings back memories of the pony express backfield in the 80s. Still, solid uniforms even for today.

8.  North Carolina:

Baby blue is really a fantastic football uniform color.  The Tarheels do it as good as anyone.

7.  Oklahoma St.

You don’t see an orange, grey, and black color combination too often.  These Oklahoma St. versions are really sharp.

6.  Hawaii:

Dark green and black is an elite color combination.  Hawaii got it so right with these.

5.  Clemson:

Clemson got the helmet right with the paw print, and the colors are spot on.

4. Michigan St.:

Michigan St. combines a great helmet logo, with a nice clean uniform look.  Doesn’t get much better than this.

3. Air Force:

Lightning bolt on the helmet, light blue color scheme, Air Force you got me.

2.  South Carolina:

Red and black is just such a good color scheme for football uniforms.  Great helmet logo too for South Carolina.

1.  Ole Miss:

These Ole Miss baby blue uniforms are nearly perfect. They have had several variations of blue and red over the years, but this is by far the best.  When it comes to top 10 college football uniforms, these are head and shoulders above the rest.