It’s that time of year for our annual Steelers Christmas list 2021 version.  Every year here at Steelers Sanctuary we make out a wish list for players and coaches from the Pittsburgh Steelers.  This is a holiday post, so we like to have a little fun with it.

Here’s a link to our past lists if your interested in some nostalgic reads:

A very Steelers Christmas list,  

A Very Steelers Christmas list

A very yinzer Christmas list

So without further delay, here is our wish list for the Steelers in 2021:

A Super Bowl for:

And for:

But not for:

A Defensive Player of the Year award for:

Some blocking for:

A clock management coach for:

Some peace and health for:

Some extra maturity for:

A new set of these for all of us:

A return to form for:

A Pro-Bowl selection for:

More 2 point conversions from:

More Tweets like this for:

A healthy return for:

One last big time playoff run for:

And for all Steelers fans number seven of this:


Hope you enjoyed our very Steelers Christmas list 2021.  Merry Christmas for Steelers Sanctuary!!!

We would also like to take a minute and thank everyone for another great year at the site.  This will be the fifth straight year that our views have grown since we started this back in 2017.  Thank you all so much, and we look forward to providing more Steelers articles in 2022.