The NFL is considering a rules change that would allow teams to use more than one helmet in a given season.  This would open the door for teams to use their throwback helmets several times a year if they wished.  That got us to thinking, what throwback helmets would we most like to see in 2021?  We have compiled our top ten list of the best NFL throwback helmets:

10. Pittsburgh Steelers:

It’s subtle, but the grey face mask evokes memories of those great Pittsburgh teams of the 70s.  Ask any Steelers fan who was around for those glory years and they’ll tell you.

9. Cincinnati Bengals:

We actually prefer the tiger stripes over this original Bengals helmet.  But there’s no denying the attraction of seeing these on Bengals players once again.

8. Washington Football Team:

Change the name to the Washington Warriors, come up with a fancy new logo, and use this as the team’s throwback.  Done and done.

7. Philadelphia Eagles:

Lots of people would vote for the Kelley green versions of the 80s.  We went old school with these green wings on the white helmet version.


6.   Denver Broncos:

You can just picture John Elway in his prime sporting this helmet.  This one is actually far better than the current helmet in our opinion.

3.  New England Patriots:

Pat Patriot was one of the most unique logos the NFL ever had.  This blows away the flying Elvis current helmet.

3. Atlanta Falcons:

This red helmet with the Falcons black jerseys is one of the best color combinations in NFL history.  It is beyond time to bring it back.  Check it out here:

2.  Tennessee Titans:

Probably one of the most popular throwback helemets/uniforms in the NFL.  Who wouldn’t want to see these a couple of times a year?

1.  Seattle Seahawks:

The Seahawks current helmet and uniforms are plain awful right now.  They are such a downgrade from these original beauties. We have brought up in the past that the current ones should be scrapped altogether in favor of the originals. 5 NFL teams that need to switch to their throwback uniforms