Want clicks?  Throw something out there about the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Want lots of clicks and attention?  Tell the public the Kevin Colbert to the Lions is about to happen.  We have seen this formula used by just about every national media member out there.  From Colin Cowherd, to Skip Bayless, and everyone in between.  It’s an easy formula they all follow.  Slow news day? Bring up the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Need ratings?  Bring up the Pittsburgh Steelers.  They all know one thing, the Steelers get eye balls better than just about any team in sports.

So it is with this knowledge that any time a national media person has a story involving this franchise we are immediately skeptical.  This afternoon we have a report Mike Stone on a Detroit radio station that Kevin Colbert is “close” to signing with the Detroit Lions.  https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2021/1/13/22228601/detroit-lions-gm-search-kevin-colbert-rumor-steelers-offer

He states sources “somewhat close” to the organization.  “Somewhat close” could mean anything from a scout to a janitor.  There are some links to Colbert and the Detroit Lions.  He of course came to Pittsburgh from the Lions organization where he was Pro Scouting director there from 1990-1999.  Throw in that Colbert’s contract is about to expire, and there is at least faint smoke with this story.

Having said all that, the likelihood of Colbert moving on to another team remains slim in or opinion.  We have long said Colbert will stick around as long as Ben Roethlisberger is on this team, and nothing has changed our mind.  Any year could be Colbert’s last going forward, but whenever that is it will be as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Is This Kevin Colbert’s Last Year in Pittsburgh?