The Pittsburgh Steelers uniforms are among the most iconic in the entire NFL.  They have not changed much over the years, but there have been a few variations.  Here are our top five versions of the Steelers uniforms:

5. The Batman edition:

There was lots of buzz that the Steelers would bring these “Batman” throwbacks back after they announced they were retiring the “bumble bee” versions.

Alas, the team decided to bring back the barely noticeable block letter ones instead.  We can still hope at some point Pittsburgh will come to their senses and give us an updated version of these unique jerseys.

4.  Block Numbers edition:

You have to look really close to distinguish these from the current versions of the Steelers uniforms.  The “block numbers” are hard to tell apart from the the current numbers worn today, and they represent the only difference between the two.

It is understandable the nostalgia brought on by these considering they were worn during the glory days of the 70s teams.  Having said that, its still hard to get excited over such a slight change.

3.  The Bumble Bee edition:

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and these jerseys really put that theory to the test.  This is the perfect example of either loving or hating something.  There is no in between when it comes to the Steelers bumble bee uniforms.  Well, we love them.  So much so, they rank third on our list.

2.  Current edition:

We may very well be biased, but in our opinion these are some of the best jerseys in the entire NFL.  Simple, unique, and classic, the current versions of the Pittsburgh Steelers uniforms are tough to beat.

1. The Color Rush edition:

You’d be hard pressed to find any Steelers fan who doesn’t love the teams color rush jerseys.  We liked them so much, we included them in our best NFL jerseys of all time. Top ten non-NFL uniforms of all time

We have even gone so far as to say these should become the permanent version of the teams uniforms.  Let us know in the comments what you think of this idea. We would love to hear your feedback.