The NFL trade deadline is October 29th, and the league has been more active than ever in terms of trades. Even then usually conservative Pittsburgh Steelers have made a major deal already this season. With just a week to go before the deadline, could the Steelers make another move? They could certainly use some extra draft picks this off-season. Here are the five who would be most likely to be dealt if Kevin Colbert decided to make another move:

1. Mike Hilton:

Good slot corners are in high demand in the NFL, and Mike Hilton has turned himself into just that. The excellent play of Cam Sutton could make Hilton expendable if the right offer was made. Hilton would definitely bring the most back in return for any player the team would be willing to trade at he deadline.

2. Artie Burns:

I know what you’re thinking…….who in the world would trade for Artie Burns? The interest level might surprise you. There are no shortage of teams in need of corner back help. Combine that with the fact that Burns is a fast, athletic former first round pick and there’s certain to be a couple of coaches thinking they can make it work. The Steelers could pick up an extra sixth or seventh round pick rather than losing him for nothing after the season.

3. Mark Barron:

One thing we have learned over the past couple of weeks is that this defense is far better with Vince Williams on it. Kevin Colbert should be actively shopping Barron for whatever he can get in return. There is no way he would return in 2020 with that kind of cap number.

4. Zach Banner:

Tackle is just one of those premier positions in the NFL. Zach Banner has always had talent, and now that it seems like he has taken his physical condition seriously there may actually be a competent left tackle here. The Steelers could take this reclamation project and spin him into a draft asset before the deadline.

5. Donte Moncrief:

The same reasons that attracted Pittsburgh to Donte Moncrief are the reasons they might be able to deal him. Despite his horrific start, Moncrief has the exact physical talents you want in a deep threat type of receiver. He also has some pretty good seasons under his belt that just might tempt a team. The Steelers would be looking at a day three pick at best, but that would seem like a win considering his play so far for the team.