It didn’t make sense from day one. How Ryan Switzer made this team mainly as a return man is a complete mystery. Clearly, players like Diontae Spencer and Eli Rogers had infinitely more potential in that area. Spencer in particular has had some excellent returns for his new team the Denver Broncos. As far as being a receiver, Switzer continues to be unimpressive to say the least. The Steelers fifth/sixth receiver has a grand total 6 catches for 29 yards in six games this season. Now granted, all the receivers are having off years because of the quarterback situation in Pittsburgh. Having said that, Switzer’s poor punt and kick returns combined with his ineffectiveness as a receiver make him a liability on this roster.

What the Steelers need out of Ryan Switzer’s roster spot is a dynamic return man who can help with field position, and a receiver who can get some yards after the catch. Unfortunately he provides neither of these things. His shortcomings are even more evident now with all the injuries this team has suffered. Switzer has been unable to help the team with field position in the return game. This would be a big help to a struggling offense if they had a returner who could put them in advantageous spots on the field. Compounding this is the fact the team continues to lose key depth pieces because of the roster shuffling due to injuries. Switzer remains on the team while players like Tuzar Skipper and Fred Johnson get scooped up the minute they are released. These losses while not impactful now, do hurt the teams depth.

At the end of the day a player like Ryan Switzer isn’t killing the team, but he is not doing much to help a struggling offense either. Kevin Colbert should be keeping a very close eye to see if a return specialist shakes free any time soon. This franchise can not continue to ignore the return game as it has for years now. When the team had Ben Roethlisberger and their high powered offense it was less of an issue, but now it is too much of a weakness to ignore. It’s time to move on from Ryan Switzer either for a better return specialist, or if the need for a roster spot arises again.