Here at Steelers Sanctuary we’ve come up with the idea of Saturday Morning top 10 lists. As the title says, going forward we will post a top 10 list every Saturday. It may be Steelers related, or maybe NFl or sports related. We will be brining back some of the old lists, as well as knew ones each week. Here is the first in the series “Top 10 Kevein Colbert draft busts”…..enjoy.

Kevin Colbert has been one of the premiere general managers in the NFL over the years. Even the good ones make mistakes however. Colbert is no exception especially in the draft. Let’s take look at the top 10 draft busts over the Colbert era:

10. Ziggy Hood – DE – (Rnd 1-2009) – If not for being a first round pick, Hood could have been considered a decent draft choice. Hood has carved out an eleven year career being a serviceable player in the NFL. Serviceable isn’t exactly what you’re looking for in a first round pick however. The defensive tackle managed 8.5 sacks in his four years with the Steelers.

9. Alonzo Jackson – LB – (Rnd 2-2003) – Jackson was the first of many misses at the edge rusher position for Colbert. After leading Florida St. in tackles for loss and sacks in his senior season, it was thought he could be converted to outside linebacker for the Steelers. He was projected to be the eventual replacement for Jason Gildon. Jackson never saw a snap on defense, and was cut after only two seasons.

8. Ricardo Coclough – DB – (Rnd 2-2004) – The pick after Ben Roehtlisberger didn’t work out nearly as well for the Steelers in 2004. When your most memorable moment is a muffed punt resulting in a game winning touchdown for the Bengals, you can officially be called a bust. Colclough went on to scratch out somewhat of a career after being cut by the Steelers before ending up in the Canadien football league.

7. Jason Worilds – LB – (Rnd 2-2010) – Another year, another outside linebacker bust for Colbert. Worilds actually showed some promise having 8 and 7.5 sacks in his final two seasons before unexpectedly retiring. Had he stayed on, this may have been one of Colbert’s few passable edge rushers drafted on his watch.

6. Limas Sweed – WR – (Rnd 2-2008) – One of the few misses for Kevin Colbert at the wide receiver position. Sweed lasted all of two seasons with the Steelers totaling seven catches for 69 yards.

5. Mike Adams – LT – (Rnd 2-2012) – After hitting a home run with first round pick David Decastro, the Steelers were looking to solidify their offensive line for years to come. Despite failing a drug test at the combine, Pittsburgh drafted the Ohio St. tackle. Adams was out of football after four seasons later.

4. Dri Archer – RB – (Rnd 3-2014) – Speed and elusiveness were always the draw for Dri Archer. Unfortunately none of it ever translated onto the field. Even as a returner, Archer made little to no impact. He lasted only two seasons in Pittsburgh, and was out of the league in four.

3. Senquez Golson – CB – (Rnd 2-2015) – Although being small for the position (5’9″), Golson was a big production guy for the University of Mississippi. He registered sixteen interceptions during his college career. Season ending injuries in his first two pre-seasons killed his career unfortunately. After being released by the Steelers in 2017, Golson never managed to make another roster with the exception of two short stints on practice squads.

2. Artie Burns – CB – (Rnd 1-2016) – While it’s still early to close the door on Burns career as a Steeler, things do not look promising. Burns has now lost his starting role in his third season with the team. There’s no injury to blame. No drug issues or off the field violations either. This seems to be a simple lack of talent. When the 25th overall pick isn’t talented enough to see playing time, that’s the textbook definition of a draft bust.

1. Jarvis Jones – LB – (Rnd 1-2013) – Just the name evokes anger and disappointment in Steelers fans. The 17th overall pick was thought to be the next in a long line of dominant edge rushers for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was clear form the get go however, that Jarvis Jones was not that guy. Three seasons and six sacks later, Jones was gone from Pittsburgh. His only legacy is being the poster boy for Kevin Colbert’s struggles in drafting the position.