The Pittsburgh Steelers now have a pretty big hole on their roster. The trading of Martavis Bryant has left the team significantly thin at the wide receiver position. Sure, they spent a second round pick on wideout James Washington. Is that enough though to back up starters Antonio Brown and Ju Ju Smith Shcuster? The rest of the roster consists of Darrius Hayward-Bey, Justin Hunter, and that’s pretty much it. Not exactly what we’ve become accustomed to with recent Steelers teams.

Well there just so happens to be a former Pro-Bowl receiver still on the market. Dez Bryant was released by the Dallas Cowboys a few weeks ago more because of his salary, than his playing ability. Granted, Bryant has not been putting up the kind of numbers he had earlier in his career. One has to wonder if it’s more about the change in quarterbacks in Dallas, rather than a sharp drop in his skills. Bryant and Dak Prescott never really got on the same page in Dallas. When he’s right, Dez Bryant is the type of red-zone threat this team could definitely use. The Steelers were terrible in that area in 2017, ranking 18th in the league at 53%. In Bryant, we are talking about a player who has 73 career touchdowns in eight seasons in the NFL. He would give Ben Roethlisberger a big, physical type receiver the team doesn’t have currently on the roster.

Signing Bryant may be easier than it might seem. He has been on the market for quite some time now, and teams are usually pretty set with their rosters after the draft. At this point, Bryant and his agents are more than likely looking for a one year deal. What better place than Pittsburgh to resurrect his career, and possibly win a Super Bowl at the same time. A one year deal at around three million, with some incentives should do the trick. The Steelers happen to have just that amount kicking around now that they have released safety J.J. Wilcox. This would seem to be a great fit for both sides. Maybe it’s time for Kevin Colbert to make a call.