Well we all thought the draft would be an exciting trade filled affair full of surprises. It did not disappoint at all. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was who our beloved Steelers eventually selected. Nobody, I mean nobody saw Terrell Edmunds being the Steelers pick. Here’s a blow by blow account of how I saw the draft as true crazed Steelers fan. Keep in mind I had been infatuated by Boston College edge rusher Harold Landry. I believe he would be perfect for Pittsburgh, but never dreamed he’d make it out of the top 15.

1. Cleveland Browns select Baker Mayfield

Me: “It’s the Browns, they’ll find a way to F this up right? Hope the Cleveland cops are ready for good old Baker.”

4. Cleveland Browns select Denzel Ward

Me: “Shit the Browns are going to have Chubb and Garrett chasing Big Ben for the rest of his career. Wait, what? They took Ward…….bahahahaha…..whew”

8. Chicago Bears select Roquan Smith

Me: “That MFer would’ve looked great in black and gold….ugh”

14. New Orleans Saints select Marcus Davenport

Me: “Freakin Saints are trading up to get my guy Harold Landry…….Davenport? Really? Man that was a close one, the dream lives.”

15. Oakland Raiders select Kolton Miller

Me: “Hey I think Tremaine Edmunds has a chance to slide all the way to the…….”

16. Buffalo Bills select Trumaine Edmunds

Me: “Screw you Buffalo

18. Green Bay Packers select Jaire Alexander

Me: “Packers are definitely taking Landry here………..Jaire Alexander? YES!!!!!”

19. Dallas Cowboys select Leighton Vander Esch

Me: “Like I needed another dam reason to hate the Cowboys. To hell with it, his neck is broken anyway right?”

20. Detroit Lions select Frank Ragnow

Me: “Please don’t take Landry or Evans, pretty please…….A center? I love you Detroit!”

21. Cincinnati Bengals select Billy Price

Me: “Well the Bengals are going to screw us again in the draft and take Rashaan Evans……..Another center? I must be dreaming right??”

22. Tennessee Titans select Rashaan Evans

Me: “Screw you too Tennessee”

23. New England Patriots select Isaiah Wynn

Me: “So help me god if the Patriots get Harold Landry I will loose my shit!!…….Another lineman? This might actually happen. We might actually get a dominant pass rusher. No no no, I’m not going to let myself get too excited. Settle down.”

24. Baltimore Ravens select Hayden Hurst

Me: “I can’t look, the Ravens are going to take him I know it………whew, stupid rat birds don’t know what they’re doing anyway.”

27. Seattle Seahawks select Rashaad Penny

Me: “Well there isn’t a more perfect player for Seattle than Harold Landry…..the dream dies here……..it’s going to have to be Reid now for sure…..Wait who?? Isn’t Penny the 5th or 6th best back??? Who cares…..we get LANDRY!!!!!!!”

28. Pittsburgh Steelers select Terrell Edmunds

Me: “Ok, ok, ok they can’t take Reid over Landry. They won’t do it. Harold Landry is going to have 10 sacks this year I can feel it. This is going to be awesome! Finally, a big time pass rusher…here we go.” With the 28th pick the Pittsburgh Steelers select………safety……..”oh Christ they’re taking Reid”………..Terrell Edmunds from Virginia Tech. ………………(stunned silence) …………………….. “What just happened?? Did we just take Edmunds? The safety not the linebacker?? We passed on maybe the best pass rusher in the draft……for the 5th best safety??? This is not happening!!!” I need to lie down.”