As it stands right now, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the number one seed in the AFC.  Unfortunately there is still a lot of football to play before they can claim that spot for the play-offs.  There’s still the game with the New England Patriots looming in week 15 that will go a long way in determining the number one seed in this conference.  Before we get there though, the game Thursday night against the Titans is a very important one.  A win there could virtually guarantee the Steelers a top two seed, and therefore the all important first round bye.  By beating the Titans, the Steelers will be two games clear of them with a head to head win.  Having already beaten the Chiefs, the same thing applies with them as well.  The only other team who could challenge for a by in the AFC at this point is the Jacksonville Jaguars believe it or not.  They are only one game behind the Steelers, but have that head to head win in their pocket.  Keep in mind though that Blake Bortles is the Jags quarterback, and they’d have to overtake the Titans who they’ve already lost to this season.

The remaining schedule has really broken into Pittsburgh’s favor.  They only face three teams with winning records the rest of the season.  One of which is the Green Bay Packers, who are without Aaron Rogers for the rest of the season.  It’s not unreasonable to think this team can finish 13-3 or at worst 12-4.  That’s remarkable when you consider how this team has yet to put together a sixty minute performance.  A top two seed is right there for the taking Thursday night, as well as a chance for home field throughout the play-offs.  All the Steelers need to do is to take care of business at home in prime time, something they have been very good at over the years.