10. Chicago Bears – Just the “c” on the helmet, drab colors…. All in all plain boring.

9. New England Patriots – I was a big fan of Pat  Patriot, so any flying Elvis version won’t do. But this one is especially bad.

8. New York Giants – Not a big fan of the Giants logo to begin with. This is the worst of the bunch. 

7. Seattle Seahawks – Seatlle won my favorite uniforms of all time. And then there’s this….. 

6. Cincinnati Bengals  – Combine a dull brown and orange combo, with a boring helmet and this is what you get …… 

5. Cleveland Browns – To be a team with no logo on the helmet in 2016 is bad enough. Looking like walking pumpkins takes the cake. 

4. Green Bay Packers – The Packers should have left these jerseys in 1935! 

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Between the two tone helemets and the urine yellow overload, these jerseys should never see the light of day again.

2. Philadelphia Eagles – A top 10 finisher in the best unis list, the Eagles show us they’ve come a long way from these hideous outfits.

1. Denver Broncos – There are no words…..