Open letter to Art Rooney:

There are certain times when a sports franchise needs their owner to show leadership.  Make tough decisions that may not be popular with the fan base, or it’s coaching staffs.  This is one of those times with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  As the owner, Art Rooney III you can no longer sit in the shadows while his franchise is in the process of having it’s third straight season of epic failure on offense.

Mr. Rooney, your head coach simply refuses to make the necessary changes to fix the problem this team faces.  He refuses to make changes, because to do that would be to admit he himself has failed as well.  Firing Matt Canada, a move that is long overdue, would be to admit that his own offensive philosophy is a failure.

The flawed “bully-ball” mentality Mike Tomlin had planned for the 2023 is an abject failure.  We now know they do not have the personnel to run such a scheme.  Worse than that, it’s an outdated philosophy that would never work in the modern game.  To complicate matters even further, Tomlin has built a defense that is most suited to play from ahead.  The problem being he has an offense who is incapable of getting leads.  The results are clear to see as this team has struggled mightily just to look competent.   Steelers win, but concerns persist

Tomlin’s refusal to acknowledge this requires action from you Mr. Rooney.  It is time for you to step up, and force the hand of your head coach.  It’s what good owners do during times like these.

We understand that patience has served this franchise well over the last 50 years.  But patience in the face of repeated failure is counterproductive.  Mr. Rooney your franchise has not won a playoff game in seven years.  You are being blown out at a rate of one out of every five times your team takes the field.  Your offense is on pace to put up historically bad numbers across the board.  How much more do you need to see Mr. Rooney? It is time to step up and be the leader you are meant to be.  Your franchise’s future depends on it.


Your Friend

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