The Pittsburgh Steelers have a pretty talented roster going into 2023.  How much of them are top tier talent remains to be seen.  In this post we will try and predict all the Steelers Pro Bowl candidates for this upcoming season:

Locks: TJ Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick, James Daniels

We know that as long as they stay healthy, TJ Watt and Minkah Fitzpatrick are Pro Bowl locks every season.  They are both the very best at their respective positions.  What may come as a surprise is our inclusion of James Daniels in this tier.  Well, we believe Daniels is poised to take a giant leap now that he has a full year in the Pat Meyer system.  Being still just 25, Daniels is about to enter his prime.  This should provide more than one Pro Bowl season in the years to come.

Possibles: Pat Freiermuth, Larry Ogunjobi, Alex Highsmith, Cam Heyward

We thought long and hard about including both Pat Freiermuth, and Alex Highsmith on our locks portion of the Steelers Pro Bowl candidates.  It’s just a bit to early to go there right now.  Freiermuth in particular is well on his way to being a top tier tight end.  With the offense Pittsburgh plans on running this season, he should be a top target of Kenny Pickett.

Ogunjobi and Heyward are obviously talented enough to make the Pro Bowl.  Oganjobi needs to be more consistent, while Heyward needs to continue to beat back Father Time.

Long Shots: Diontea Johnson, Jaylen Warren, Najee Harris, Chris Boswell

If you listen to our Steelers Sanctuary Podcast you’d know how high we are on Jaylen Warren in 2023.  Our guest host Tony Serino even went as far as predicting Warren would be the starting running back by the end of the season.

Whichever of the two running backs ends up getting the majority of the carries in the Steelers run heavy offense should be able to put up Pro Bowl caliber numbers.  The improvements on the offensive line, and the addition of a mauler tight end like Darnell Washington should make this a run friendly unit.

Having said that it will also make it more difficult for player like Diontae Johnson to shine in the passing game.  Even still, Johnson has the talent to break out at any season.  Maybe 2023 will finally be the one.  Kenny Pickett more comfortable in year two will go a long way in helping his cause.