The Steelers 2023 schedule is taking shape.  We now know all the opponents, and where the games will be played.  The dates will be released later on in this off-season.  Let’s take a quick look at what this schedule means for the Steelers heading into next season.

1.  More Travel:

The Steelers have been pretty lucky the last couple of seasons.  Their travel has really been kept to a minimum.  Especially in 2022, where they did not leave the eastern time zone.  The Steelers 2023 schedule will be much different with trips to Los Angeles, Seattle, and Las Vegas on the docket. Mike Tomlin teams have not faired well on the West Coast historically.  

2.  Playoff teams:

Aside from the AFC North teams, the Steelers will only face three other playoff teams from the 2022 season.  The Seahawks and Jaguars scraped their way in, but the 49ers are a legitimate Super Bowl contender.  The Ravens and Bengals bring the total up to five post season quality opponents for Pittsburgh next season.  Overall not a bad deal going by the finishes in 2022.

3.  Old Friends:

Seems like the New England Patriots are an honorary member of the AFC North with how many times these two teams have faced each other in the regular season.  There was a time where it was Pittsburgh heading to New England every time.  Now its the Patriots who will be making their second straight trip to Pittsburgh.  This is nowhere near the rivalry it used to be without Brady and Roethlisberger, but there is no shortage of hatred for this bitter rival,

4. Lots of quarterback questions:

The Steelers 2023 schedule is filled with teams with major quarterback questions.  Starting right in the AFC North with the status of Lamar Jackson.  There some very heavy speculation that he will force his way out of Baltimore after the season.

There’s a whole host of teams on this schedule with serious quarterback issues as we speak.  The Raiders, Colts,  and Texans will all be looking to fill that role this off-season.  The Packers could be without a potentially retiring Aaron Rogers, while the Cardinals may not have Kyler Murray healthy.  There is a real possibility that the Patriots, and Titans look to upgrade that position.  Finally, there has been lots of noise out of LA that Mathew Stafford may also retire.  Lots to keep an eye on in terms of quarterbacks next season.

5.  AFC South and NFC West:

The two divisions the Steelers will face next season will be the AFC South, and the NFC West.  Starting with the South, this is traditionally one of the worst divisions in football.  The Jaguars are definitely a team on the rise with star quarterback Trevor Lawrence.  That promises to be one of the tougher games on the schedule.  After that however, it gets much easier in theory.  The Titans are a good team overall, but their quarterback situation is a mess.  The Colts were an absolute train wreck this season, and may get worse if they choose to bring back coach Jeff Saturday.  The Houston Texans were on we again the one of the worst teams in football. They have already fired their coach, and general manager.  Houston will most likely be drafting a quarterback to be their starter in 2023.

The NFC West isn’t a much better division top to bottom.  Even the San Francisco 49ers have a major flaw at their quarterback position.  It seems only a matter of time before Brock Purdy comes back to earth.  That leaves them with the perennially injured Jimmy Garoppolo, and the mystery man Trey Lance.  The Cardinals have also fired their coach and GM, to go along with Kyler Murray recuperating from a major injury.  The Rams salary cap manipulation is finally catching up with them, and their coach may be jumping ship.  The Seahawks are a great story, but even they have regressed toward the end of the season.  Overall both these divisions are among the worst in the NFL.