Jordan Palmer is a former NFL quarterback who now runs his own company training young quarterbacks both in college, and in high school.  He was worked with the likes of Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, and Trevor Lawrence to name a few.  Palmer also has helped some pass catchers to prepare for the draft.  This is where our interest was peaked with the connection between Palmer and the Steelers.

In an episode of the Draft Dudes Podcast, Jordan Palmer divulged he worked with both Chase Claypool in 2020, and Pat Freiermuth in 2021 to prep them for the pre-draft process.

Both those players would go on to be second round picks of the Pittsburgh Steelers in consecutive years.  In that same podcast, Palmer went out of his way to praise the Steelers as being one of the best, and most stable franchises in the league.  it seems there is at least some small connection between Palmer, and the Steelers organization.

So who is Jordan Palmer working with in 2022?  That’s where this get’s very interesting.  He goes on to mention Drake London and others as players he has spent time with this year.  But the real interesting part of this is the quarterbacks under his tutelage leading up to the draft.  The most important client of Palmer’s when it comes to the Steelers is Desmond Ridder of Cincinnati.  In fact, Palmer and Ridder have worked together for the past two seasons.  It is not hard to connect the dots between a Jordan Palmer client and this franchise to begin with.  Add to that the fact that Palmer’s primary role is working with quarterbacks, and this get’s very interesting.  So much so, we have had Ridder in our Mock Draft 3.0.  Steelers mock draft 3.0: Post free agency madness edition

One other client that might interest Steelers fans is Nevada quarterback Carson Strong.  Palmer gushed about the arm talent, and football IQ of the Nevada signal caller.  It’s important to note Pittsburgh sent quarterback coach Mike Sullivan to the Nevada Pro-Day.  If the team misses out on the big names in the first round, Carson Strong could be a real possibility in the second.

There are no guarantees when it comes to predicting the Pittsburgh Steelers draft choices.  We use Pro-day visits, combine meetings, and elite athleticism as key guides when trying to narrow the field of candidates.  The Jordan Palmer/Steelers connection just might be another major factor we need to consider.  After all, they have drafted his clients two years running.  Considering that Palmer’s specialty is quarterbacks, and this team’s strong desire to draft one in 2022, it’s not too far a stretch to think Desmond Ridder or Carson Strong could end up being the Steelers quarterback of the future.