Trying to figure out who will be the 2022 Steelers quarterback is quite the puzzle to solve.  Just about every available, and even not so available quarterback has been linked to the team at this point.  Following the clues that are out there so far, let’s handicap the favorites to be behind center for Pittsburgh this upcoming season:

Jimmy Garoppolo – 5%

There is very little question that Jimmy Garoppolo will be traded this off-season.  How much interest the Steelers have in this player is hard to gauge.  On one hand, Garoppolo has taken the 49ers to the NFC Championship game two out of the last three years.  On the other hand, you could say he is the major reason why that team has failed to win a Super Bowl in either of those two years.  His propensity to turn the ball over is a major concern here.

Aaron Rodgers – 5%

While he would be our preferred target, the chances of the Steelers taking this big a swing at a quarterback remains doubtful.  We outlined what a trade like this would take, and the likeliness of it happening here: What would a trade for Aaron Rodgers look like for the Steelers?

Jameis Winston – 10%

Jamies Winston is the free agent who boasts the best resume in 2022.  There is no questioning the arm talent here.  But if you think turnovers are a problem with Jimmy Garoppolo, you won’t be able to stomach watching Winston.  He is the definition of a high variance quarterback.  The highs are extremely high, with the lows equally extreme.

Mason Rudolph/Dwayne Haskins – 15%

The possibility of the Steelers drafting a quarterback, then going with either Rudolph or Haskins to at least start the 2022 season is a real possibility.  Neither of these two are long term solutions, but being a place holder until a rookie is ready is certainly a not out of the question.

Marcus Mariota – 30%

Marcus Mariota checks a lot of boxes for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He will be a free agent at a semi-reasonable cost.  Mariota has plenty of the mobility that the team has gone out of their way to say they covet.  Then there’s the pedigree of being a former second overall pick.  We lobbied for the Steelers to acquire him last season, that may have been a year too early. Steelers should trade for Marcus Mariota

Malik Willis – 35%

So far in the draft process one player seems to have stood out among the rest in terms of attention from the Steelers brass.  Malik Willis has been seen on several occasions talking to Steelers front office personnel at the senior bowl.  As it stands today, Willis is our favorite to be the 2022 Steelers quarterback.  Check out our profile on him here:Should the Steelers draft Malik Willis to be their next quarterback?