Now that Ju Ju Smith Schuster is done for the seasson, it is time to start speculating on where he might end up in 2022.  His value has undeniably taken a huge hit over the last three seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Smith Schuster will in all likelihood have to take another one year contract to begin the process of repairing his market value.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top five teams that might be interested in the Steelers receiver come next off-season:

5.  Baltimore Ravens:

There’s no secret that the Baltimore Ravens offered a better contract than the Steelers did this past off-season.  The Ravens have had a tough time getting veteran receivers to commit to them due to their run heavy scheme.  Maybe the breakout year passing from Lamar Jackson might be enough to entice Ju Ju Smith Schuster this time around.

4.  Kansas City Chiefs:

Want to rebuild your value, and possibly win a championship in the process?  What better place than with the Kansas City Chiefs?  For Ju Ju, playing a full season with Patrick Mahomes is exactly what the doctor ordered.  He could easily put up some gaudy stats in Kansas City, then look to cash in from that in 2023.  From the Chiefs perspective, this is a no-brainer.  They could get a top notch slot receiver on the cheap for one season.  Everybody wins in this scenario.

3.  New York Jets:

This would be a risky destination for Smith-Schuster.  On the positive side, there is no bigger market in the world for “the brand”.  Playing in New York would certainly do wonders for Ju Ju off the field.  On the field is a whole different story however.  This franchise has an unproven coach, and even worse an unproven quarterback in Zach Wilson.  He could easily find himself struggling to put up stats, and end up in the same situation all over again.

2.  Miami Dolphins:

The Miami Dolphins have the second most cap space in the entire league next season.  After what looks like another dismal season, they should be splashing around cash like a drunken sailor this off-season.  Add what looks like the very real possibility of them acquiring Deshaun Watson, and Miami becomes a very desirable location for Ju Ju.

1.  Los Angeles Chargers:

Two big factors lead us to believe that Ju Ju Smith Schuster will end up with the Chargers in 2022.  First off, it’s LA.  We all know Ju Ju is from Los Angeles, and would like nothing better than to go back there.  And that’s not even mentioning how good it would be for the “brand” to be playing in the second biggest market in the NFL.  Second, Mike Williams is about to become a very expensive free agent.  The Chargers could save themselves a ton of money by swapping Williams for Ju Ju next year.  This seems like a perfect match, and one we should be seeing come the first day of free agency in 2022.