The Pittsburgh Steelers schedule going forward is among the toughest in the NFL.  According to Tankathon, they have the third toughest behind only Kansas City and Cleveland.  For a team struggling to find their footing, this is not a good indicator on how this team will end up.  Let’s go through game by game and try to predict what the final outcome will be:

October 10: Broncos – Win (2-3)

This coming week’s game versus the Broncos is pivotal for the Steelers.  This is a very banged up Denver team who will most likely be without their starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.   He is currently in concussion protocol, and did not practice Wednesday.  This is an absolute must win for the Steelers.  A loss here, and this season is essentially over.

October 17: Seahawks – Loss (2-4)

The Seahawks have been inconsistent so far this season as their 2-2 record indicates.  The Steelers are at home, but in a game this close it generally comes down to the quarterbacks.  Russell Wilson versus Ben Roethlisberger is a huge mismatch, we’ll take the Seahawks here.

October 31: @ Browns – Loss (2-5)

Coming off a bye the Steelers must face an undeniable fact.  The Cleveland Browns are a much better football team top to bottom.  It’s hard to imagine the Steelers winning here given the state of both franchises.

November 8: Bears – Win (3-5)

We are tentatively giving the Steelers the win here.  At home, against a not very good Bears team, and in prime time should lead to an easy W here.  The one caveat is if Bears quarterback Justin Fields continues to improve.  If that were the case, this game would be a whole lot more competitive.

November 14:  Lions – Win (4-5)

If the Steelers come away without a win in this game everyone should be fired…..everyone.

November 21: @Chargers – Loss (4-6)

A west coast trip against a very good team?  Ya this is an automatic loss.

November 28: @ Bengals – Loss (4-7)

The Steelers have had great success against the Bengals over the years, but that’s about to change.  They have already beaten Pittsburgh at Heinz Field, no reason to think they would drop this game at home.

December 5: Ravens – Loss (4-8)

This is around the time where Mike Tomlin like to “unleash hell”.  Well he maybe unleashing it on his own fans this December.  I just don’t see this team taking a game from the Ravens in 2021.

December 9: @Vikings – Loss (4-9)

A road game on a short week is never an easy task.  If this were a Sunday game we’d go with the Steelers here.  A Thursday night game tips the scales for the Vikings in a close one.

December 19: Titans – Win (5-9)

I’m going to give the Steelers a win here.  Not sure exactly why accept for the fact this is a home game.  if the Titans can remain in any sort of playoff race however, this could just as easily be a loss.

December 26: @ Chiefs – Loss (5-10)

The Steelers schedule wraps up with three tough games against the Chiefs, Browns, and Ravens.  The chances of them sneaking out a win in Kansas City are less than zero.

January 5:  Browns – Loss (5-11)

The Browns in all likelihood will be fighting for playoff seeding at this point, while the Steelers will be playing out the string.  This could get extremely ugly as the Browns win big in Pittsburgh.

January 12: @ Ravens – Loss (5-12)

Same scenario as the Browns game.  One team fighting for the playoffs, the other one not.  Ravens roll to end the season.


The Steelers schedule is absolutely brutal going forward in 2021.  It’s hard to envision a winning season at this point.  We had predicted a 10-7 record for this team before the season started.  Steelers Sanctuary 2021 season predictions for the Pittsburgh Steelers  Unfortunately all our fears with the offensive line, and the quarterback have come true.  This offensive line is worse than we even expected, and Ben Roethlisberger is essentially finished.  Mike Tomlin’s streak of never having a losing season is in serious jeopardy.  It would take quite a miracle to keep that streak intact.